Have you ever sat down, watched the latest big song’s accompanying music video on mute, and attempted to read the artist’s lips to figure out the lyrics? It’s hard stuff, but the puzzling and hysterical results are well worth it.

An anonymous Texas-based music and video producer has made an entire YouTube channel dedicated to this art, dubbed Bad Lip Reading, or BLR. He was inspired by the time he tried to learn to lip read like his mother after she suddenly lost her hearing, and he was really, really bad at it.

How bad could someone be at lip reading, you ask? Pretty bad, but who cares if it turns out to be this funny. Here are 5 hilarious Bad Lip Reading music videos to make you laugh.

Russian Unicorn

BLR reinterpreted Michael Bublé’s “Haven’t Met You Yet,” an adult contemporary ode to that special someone, into a song about shooting a Russian unicorn, pee-peeing in her glove (and soon she’ll start to smell it), and Hot Pockets that cost 20 cents. And apparently, Bublé freaking loves it.

Morning Dew

Through a mash-up of Bruno Mars’ “The Lazy Song,” Lady Gaga’s “Alejandro,” and Jay-Z’s “Empire State of Mind,” BLR created “Morning Dew,” an anthem about spastic golden toys and your pizza man. Also, someone takes Jay-Z’s coffee and sits in his backseat while eating orange slices.

Black Umbrella (The Right Stuff)

Back when Miley still rocked brunette extensions, she released a little hit called “Party In The U.S.A.” that has been reimagined into a jam featuring Snoop Dogg in which she claims she loves extra lemon in her Diet Snapple, understands Tai Chi and trigonometry, and smokes the right stuff. It sounds a lot like something she might release nowadays.

Everybody Poops

Once you watch this video, you’ll realize how much it looks like the members of the Black Eyed Peas are saying “poop poop” rather than “boom boom.” This theme continues throughout the song, and we learn that Fergie uses up all the tissue because she has bowel issues, and therefore, she ain’t no android.

Asian Baby

To truly appreciate how amazing this rendition is, you must watch as much of the original video as you can tolerate. In it, the Rascal Flatts are super-duper pumped to be working with Justin Bieber on “That Should Be Me.” Like, excited enough to make emphatic hand gestures while they’re singing. When all of this matches up with the words “Asian baby,” it becomes truly side splitting.

Not only should we thank the anonymous workers at Bad Lip Reading for making us laugh with these awesome videos, but we should also be grateful to them for the fact that some of these renditions are, in actuality, a little better than the originals. Thank you, BLR!



What’s your favorite Bad Lip Reading music video?






Emily Koo
Emily Koo
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