It really doesn’t come as a surprise for most people that the larger a company becomes the more potential for corruption there is. Despite this, you may be surprised at just how awful some of these large corporations have become. To get an idea, here are 4 companies that have adopted absolutely ridiculous policies to take advantage of their customers.

1. Apple

Despite the fact that Apple has almost become more mainstream than Windows these days, it only makes sense to start with this hipster staple. Apple is touted for its great products and excellent support structure. Virtually everyone who owns an Apple product treats the company like the second coming of Christ. Perhaps its because they haven’t had to chat with anyone from customer support. If they had, they would have realized there’s an Apple instituted a policy where they now charge those without an extended care package to get support. No matter how you cut it, you pay $35 for support, even if you don’t get results.

2. Time Warner Cable

The company sometimes operates under different names around the United States, but the awful service seems to remain the same. Aside from their spotty service, this giant company also charges to rent their equipment, which many people don’t even realize gets added to their monthly bill. To make matters worse, many people have no other options for high-speed internet, making it the only choice.

3. Bank of America

Bank of America is one of the largest and most hated banking institutions in the United States, and with good reason. There are plenty of examples of unethical practices, but perhaps the most obvious are those little fees that they riddle into their agreements. If you’re not careful to read the fine print, you might be paying an extra $5 a month just to have a debit card. And that’s just one example of their bad policies.

4. Virtually Every Auto Insurance Company

The auto insurance industry is one of the most rotten places to navigate. Though these big insurance companies will argue that the increasing costs are just a side-effect of sleazy lawyers, the truth is that many of these companies take every opportunity to take advantage of you. Think about that car you bought 3 years ago and how much it cost. Now, go look up how much it is worth now. Then, try to explain why it costs you more to insure than it did 3 years ago. The answer: Insurance companies don’t account for depreciation, which leads you to pay much more than you really ought to. And this is just one of the backwards strategies they employ.

Of course, with all of these examples of companies getting too large and becoming corrupt, it is a wonder the same people calling for an end to corporations don’t turn on the largest and most corrupt force around: the federal government. If you fail to pay when they ask, you’ll end up in prison.


Have you fallen victim to any of these corrupt policies? Are there any other companies that have outrageous policies taking advantage of their customers? Let us know in the comments! 

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Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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