Top 10 College Football Hits Of 2015

Some say it’s a perpetuation of a culture of violence, others say it builds character and gives otherwise troubled youth an outlet and a future, the argument is ongoing, but at least everyone can agree American Football is absolutely brutal. Some of the most savage take-downs can be found on the AstroTurf of the big name stadiums but the college season is no less intense if you know where to look. So here it is, our list of the top 10 most brutal, whiplash-inducing, side-swiping college football hits of the 2015.

10. Maryland Vs. Ohio State

Returning a punt, this poor guy is tackled mere moments after making contact with the pig skin.

9. Ft. Lewis Vs. MSU

You know when two players end up facing opposite directions after clashing that it was a hard hit. These two ballers met with the force of a small automobile accident when they made contact.

8. Is That Even Possible?

Some say he was looking for a hard hit, damn the consequences and penalties. Honestly it’s pretty damn hard to tell with how close it was. Not much room for error in that play.

7. CT Bodyslam

Rampage Jackson would be happy if he saw this one and no one is saying he hasn’t. The dude in the white uniform attempts a graceful leap over the defender but is caught in mid-air before being slammed to the ground.

6. Watch Where You’re Going!

This poor sap should have kept his eyes forward. He caught a face full of shoulder before seeing stars.

5. Ft. Lewis Vs. MSU

A hit so hard it was like the two melded into one. PJ Hall unsuspectingly drove his face right into Mac Bignell’s big ass shoulder.

4. K-State Vs. OSU

He hit the button. We all know the look. The stiff, weird appendages. The wobbly balance. QB Joe Hubener got knocked the f*#% out by Tre Flowers. You gotta feel bad for the guy.

3. Oregon State Vs. Arizona

A face in the dirt is a face in gold. WR Jordan Villamin learned the quickest way to any destination is a straight line, especially if that straight line is in the form of Will Parks’ devastatingly unshakable will.

2. Cali Vs. Utah

It’s a wall. It’s a bodyslam. It’s LB Jared Norris taking care of business as he introduces TE Stephen Anderson to the grass.

1. The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time

Your back is facing the action and your only job is to provide entertainment for the crowd so they don’t kill each other in between plays. You could say this poor cheerleader gave her 110 percent by taking one to the face. I can’t help but think Shelton Gibson had ample time to stop running.


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