Whether it’s the best of times or the worst of times, occasionally a girl’s mind is going to wander during sex. Here are some of the more common thoughts that might fly through her head at any given time.

[We at Article Cats support and acknowledge LGBTQA relationships and activities; this article is geared towards heterosexual activities.]

1. Her Vagina


Presumably it’s also a hot topic of thought for the guy involved as well, but a girl’s vagina thoughts are a little different. More like considering if her most recent grooming session handled everything it needed to, or not.

2. Making Comparisons


That is the exact opposite of how her ex did that! Interesting…

3. Her Relationship


That’s right, all that sexy action can’t completely distract a woman from assessing the state of the coupling at hand.

4. That Something is Too Rough

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Occasionally some action is a little over stimulating or an angle starts an attack on an inner organ. “Ow” courses through her brain.

5. Thinking About How it Could Be Better


A girl usually knows her body pretty well and she certainly knows what she isn’t into in bed. But sometimes if she skipped over a few opportunities to mention that she hates a certain kissing style, she isn’t sure if she ever should.

6. How Many Calories She’s Burning


Nothing like surprisingly sore abs after a sex session to make a girl feel extra productive about doubling up the night before.

7. Bodily Functions


It’s not sexy, but all that movement in there can really shake things up and the last thing she wants to happen is for her guy to be aware of ANY of it on the out swing.

8. How Floppy the Male Member Is


No matter how much time and effort a woman spends on penises in her life, they will always be slightly foreign objects. A lady’s equipment is highly contained in comparison to that joystick and it will never cease to amaze her.

9. That This Position is Too Complicated


Guys get bonus points for creativity but when it feels more like a Cirque de Solei audition it’s pretty hard for her to stay focused on anything really.

10. Other Men


It happens. Even if she’s getting down with the love of her life another man is bound to float across the mind from time to time. It doesn’t necessarily mean she would prefer a Hemsworth brother to the dashing dude in her arms, but sometimes a little fantasizing can step things up a bit.

11. How She Looks


She is well aware of the fact that her left boob is slightly bigger and will wonder if that’s why he’s grabbing it. She knows that this position makes her question the burger she ate yesterday, and that this position makes her look the most like a sultry onscreen sex siren.

12. Where He Learned That Move


Any lady can appreciate a surprising and fulfilling new move in the sack, but that pleasure will often be followed with a quick run down of whether that was a newly acquired move and if so… who, what, when, where, and why.

13. How Long It’s Going to Last


Whether the sex is unbearable or so good that it’s almost unbearable, there will be a moment when she wonders how much left there is to endure.

Were you surprised by anything on this list or do you wholeheartedly agree? Let us know if you have any thoughts to add…

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Kate Ferguson
Kate Ferguson
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