Nothing says more about a man than his handshake.

Within moments of meeting someone, you’ve let them know if you’re weak, insecure, or confident in your abilities.

But what’s more, people can often decipher things about you through your handshake that you’re not even aware of – such as your sexuality.

No, handshakes are not the new gaydar, but they do let a girl know if you’re going to give her a wild ride, or if she should keep on looking.

 The Wet Fish Handshake

We all know this guy. He comes up to shake your hand, barely gives you his fingertips, and proceeds like he’s a 90-year old woman. His lack of grip and form show he’s weak willed and lacks confidence.

In bed, this guy is going to be passive. He’s not going to know what he’s doing, so expect to give a lot of instruction. But give it gently, because his feelings tend to get hurt easily and he has a habit of shutting down.

 The Bone Crusher Handshake

This guy takes it to the opposite extreme. He grips your hand so hard, you can’t hold a pencil for a week. He wants you to know he’s strong and he does it by squeezing the blood from your fingers. Whether it’s lack of experience or lack of size, he’s trying to exert his masculinity though his handshake.

Obviously, he’s overcompensating for something. Expect this guy to think he knows it all when it comes to sex and getting you off. He thinks he’s God’s gift and isn’t receptive to feedback or criticism.

 The Glove Handshake

This guy has swag. When he shakes your hand, he uses his other hand to cover the handshake. Typically seen in politicians and clergy, this shows a certain level of intimacy or friendship and is often done to gain trust.

Expect this guy to be smooth in bed. He knows just what to say and just what to do. But don’t expect him to stick around. This guy tends to be a schmoozer and a sweet talker – that’s about all.

 The Perfect Handshake

The perfect handshake consists of a firm grip, not too hard, but not at all weak. Two to three pumps and a quick let go make this handshake the best for all interactions, whether it’s a business meeting or an introduction to a super model. He’s confident in himself, but doesn’t need to show everyone.

This guy is solid and secure. In bed, he will rock your socks off. He’ll watch and listen to what you tell him, and then he’ll do it and so much more. When you wake up in the morning, instead of this guy being gone, he may be cooking you breakfast.


Which handshake do you have? Do you agree about what it could say about your sexuality? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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Molly Carter
Molly Carter
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