The 10 Most Photogenic Spots in Oregon

Anytime you go anywhere, you know it’s gonna end up on Instagram. So why not figure out ahead of time where to take the best Oregon photos? People will be double-tapping the crap outta these faster than you can say “Valencia.”

10. Oregon Coast Aquarium

2820 Southeast Ferry Slip Road, Newport, OR 97365

I know, you were last here on a field trip or with annoying pint-sized relatives. But you can’t help be slightly wowed by the tunnel that goes through the water, or how crazy jellyfish are. Give in and embrace the gimmicky photo ops.

oregon photos aquarium

9. White River Falls State Park

Maupin, OR 97037

The White River Falls State Park is open April to October, so go check out its 90-foot drop with your dog, your bae…

oregon photos white river falls 

8. The “Made in Oregon” (now “Portland, Oregon”) aka White Stag sign

70 NW Couch St, Portland, OR

This iconic sign is in downtown Portland on top of the PBR brewery (burp). It’s been around since 1941, when it originally advertised White Satin Sugar. Then in 1957, the wording changed to “White Stag Sportswear” — that’s when the little jumping deer was added.

In 1989, the “Made in Oregon” chain of stores worked in the building below and changed the sign to show their name. (Made in Oregon…like you if you were conceived here! Uh, try not to think about that.) In 2010, the City of Portland bought the sign and changed it to “Portland, Oregon.” Despite the constant shape-shifting, it’s still rad. Especially when the deer’s nose glows red at Christmas.

portland oregon photos made in oregon sign

7. Crater Lake

It’s the deepest lake in America (1,943 feet)! And there’s a tiny baby volcano in the middle of it! Technically it’s called Wizard Island, because it looks like a wizard’s floppy hat, and at 767 feet it’s not all that tiny. But anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, stats for your Insta caption:  482,000 people visit Crater Lake every year. It’s full of fresh water, so it’s really clear. It was formed 7,700 years ago when the 12,000-foot-tall Mount Mazama erupted and collapsed. It’s five miles wide, and the water in it mostly comes from melted snow. Fact dump over!

crator lake oregon photos

6. Heceta Head Lighthouse

92072 Hwy 101 South, Florence, OR 97439

This is supposedly the most photographed lighthouse IN AMERICA. (You say it “ha-SEE-tuh.”) Why aren’t you there yet? You can photograph it at sunset, with your boyfriend in front of it, going up the stairs…whatever! Pretend you’re an old-timey fisher who needs to find her way back to shore or something. Nearby Cape Creek Bridge is also beautiful, and rumor has it, sand dollars are plentiful on the shore. Plus it’s only half a mile from the parking lot to the lighthouse. You literally have no excuse.

oregon photos haceta head lighthouse

5. Soaking Pool in Old St. Francis School, McMenamins

700 Northwest Bond Street, Bend, OR 97701

McMenamins did what they do best: take old relics and turn them into a hippie vacation paradise. This former Catholic school is no exception. Do you like bubble baths? How about feeling like you’re in the Lost City of Atlantis or on the set of a Rihanna video? Then go get yo’ soak on and take some snaps of this dope-ass teal tile.

oregon photos mcmenamins soaking pool

4. Sweet Cheeks Winery

27007 Briggs Hill Rd, Eugene, OR 97405

Sure, almost any vineyard in Newberg is gonna have a killer view, but can you hashtag it #sweetcheeks? Sweet Cheeks Winery has the requisite amazing vista, plus a quirky name. What is it about drinking a glass of wine that makes people wanna get out the iPhone? I dunno, but this is the place to do it, especially on a sunny spring day.

sweet cheeks winery oregon photos

3. Multnomah Falls

Exit 31 off I-84 or Exit 17 Hwy 30, Troutdale, OR 97010

OK, it’s cheesy. Go anyway! It’s Oregon’s tallest waterfall at 620 feet. Plus, some of the best Oregon photos are taken here. You can hike to the top, get engaged or whatever, or just eat ice cream and admire nature crushing it once again.

multnomah falls oregon photos 

2. Haystack Rock

Cannon Beach, OR

It’s a rock…but it looks like a stack of hay!!! Scientists have not yet discovered why Haystack Rock is so enrapturing, but it is. (It might have something to do with its cameo in The Goonies.) If you’re near Cannon Beach, go see the 235-foot wonder at low tide. Note: Not actual hay. Do not attempt to bale.

oregon photos cannon beach

1. Mt. Hood

There are roughly 200,000 photos of Mt. Hood on Instagram, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add a few more. It’s basically the most epic thing ever, even if you’re just gazing at it while stuck in traffic and not up there shredding the gnar.

mt. hood oregon photos

So go out there and take some of the best Oregon photos Instagram has ever seen. You can even use your selfie stick. We won’t judge. (Fine, maybe just a little…)


OK, where’d we miss? Tell us in the comments.

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