Fandoms Influencing Fashion in the Best Way

You know when you really, really love a TV show that you want to be surrounded by things that remind you of it? Think back to when you were a child. Didn’t you have a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles backpack, notebooks and other TMNT stuff for school?

You probably haven’t out grown being a devoted fan, although your taste in TV shows may have changed. One thing remains the same and that is when you really, really love a TV show you would always want to be surrounded with things that remind you of it.

From T-shirts to mugs and other whatnots, collecting items inspired by your favorite TV series is the most logical thing to do. Well, here are more items to add to your collection: shoes inspired by your favorite TV shows. You can now channel your TV show fandom in the shoes you wear.

Game of Thrones Pumps And Toms

Nixxi Rose has created the Iron Shoes, a pair of heels inspired by George R.R. Martin’s best-selling book series and television series on HBO. The shoes, which are embellished with miniature swords, can be bought from Nixxi’s Etsy shop, or you can make them yourself with tips from Nixxi!

Lizzy Hey is another creative DIY-er who created a pair of shoes based on the Song of Fire and Ice series. Take a look at all of the fandom inspired shoe designs in the FandomFootsteps shop.

The Walking Dead Heels And Sneakers

DesignsbyFrenchie makes custom heels inspired by comics, movies and TV shows, and has an amazing pair of graphic The Walking Dead heels. These pumps are covered with a collage of photos from the comic-based TV show.

Another Etsy shop, BeressyArt, has these gorgeous shoes featuring your favorite characters from the series.

Castle Shoes

Crime drama series Castle recently won the People’s Choice Award for Favorite TV Crime Drama and fans on Twitter have been quick to make suggestions on merchandise based on the show. One of them bought a pair of shoes and hand-painted them to make these super cool Castle sneakers.

Criminal Minds

Kelly Selmer of TheFiercestFandom supports your fandom of Criminal Minds, and love of Dr. Spence Reid, with a pair of high top sneakers sporting the Criminal Minds logo and quotes from the show.

Hannibal Shoes And Shoe Charms

Do you want to show off your devotion in a more subtle way? Check out FanFayreJewelry and pick up a shoe charm that shows off your fandom to people in the know. MexiPanda13 has you covered (or at least your feet) with these Hannibal-inspired shoes.


Is your favorite TV show included in the list? If so, share with us the pair of shoes above you want.

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Juvy Garcia
Juvy Garcia
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