World Records In Food…Could You Eat These Massive Meals?

You may remember reading awhile back on Article Cats about some of the best and worst food challenges in the United States. If any of those challenges made you queasy, then you might want to turn away from this one, because now we are taking our search to the entire world. Moving beyond just the challenges and looking at food as a whole, here are some stomach-wrenching food concepts around the world that you might want to try one day. Or, you would want to try if you weren’t worried you might also die of a heart attack after finishing.

Naples Delivers A 2 KM Pizza

Earlier in 2016, Naples took the scene and broke perhaps one of the most delicious records to date by baking a 2 KM long pizza. For all of you who refuse to join the rest of the world on the metric system, that is 1.24 miles long! The previous record was a full half KM shorter, and was held by Milan. Since Naples is the birthplace of pizza, it makes sense they would want to hold the record. Apparently, they have even offered that if someone comes along and beats that they are willing to one-up themselves. In other words, someone needs to go for the 4.5 KM pizza so Naples can hold the first international 5K pizza run.

Get Your Giant Hot Dog Here!

While not nearly as enormous as the giant pizza, this hot dog from Gorilla Tango Novelty Meats is sure to hit the spot. It costs $40 and weighs in at 7 lbs, so you can go ahead and forget about any other meals for the day (or maybe the next few days).

A Community’s Supply of Gumbo

This one is a bit unique because it wasn’t really about breaking a record. Instead, LSU looked for a way to help hurricane victims at the time and this giant pot was the result. Weighing in at 3,710 pounds and providing enough for 10,000 servings, it just happened to be the largest pot ever made as well.

Why Not Mix It Up?

Though breaking the world food records for the largest of any single item might be the standard, sometimes you can deviate and still get exciting results. In this case, the Culinary Academy of India decided to set a different record. If you want to be practical, this could actually feed a room full of people and not go to waste.

Breaking World Food Records

While obtaining one of these world food records might seem a bit ridiculous, it can really help put things in perspective for the human race. Like, why don’t we have the cure for cancer? Why don’t we have a colony on Mars? Why are so many people still homeless and hungry? Obviously, it’s because breaking food records is more important. And let’s face it, you take a bigger interest in these foods anyways, so why would anyone try to change it?


Are there any other outrageous world food records that you think should be on this list? Have you personally encountered any larger-than-life food options in your travels that compare? Let us know your thoughts below!




Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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