Most sexually active men and women don’t realize how many options they have when it comes to birth control. However, there are plenty of different pills and products they can use in order to prevent pregnancy, and some will even prevent STDs as well. If you’re unhappy with your current contraception, here are all several types of birth control you can try.


Condoms are special, because they do more than prevent pregnancy. They also prevent the spreading of some STDs by creating a barrier between the individuals genitals. Condoms come in different sizes, shapes, and thickness, which means it’s easy for a man to find a type that suits his body. Of course, there are also condoms that come in different flavors and colors in order to make their partner’s sexual experiences as pleasant as possible.

Birth Control Pill

In order for a woman to buy birth control pills, she needs a prescription from a gynecologist. Since there are many different kinds of birth control pills, such as combination pills and progestin-only pills, her doctor will be able to figure out which type suits her the best. Be aware though, birth control pills don’t do anything to stop the spread of STDs, which is why it’s still important to wear condoms, even when you’re on the pill.


An intrauterine device, or an IUD, is a small device inserted into a woman’s uterus that lasts up to 12 years. The device will affect the way sperm move in her body, preventing the sperm from contacting any eggs. Even though many men and women aren’t well-informed about this type of birth control, it is one of the most effective methods. Only 1 in 100 women will get pregnant each year with an IUD.

Vaginal Ring

A vaginal ring is a thin ring a woman inserts into her vagina where it releases a contraceptive drug to prevent pregnancy. Unlike a condom, it isn’t meant to be worn only during sex. The ring should remain in place for three weeks in a row. Once the time is up, the woman should spend a week without it, and then she should repeat the process with a clean, new ring. It’s unfortunately another form of birth control that does nothing to prevent STDs.

Birth Control Patch

You’ve heard of nicotine patches, but have you heard of birth control patches? They contain estrogen and progestin, which prevent a woman from becoming pregnant. The patches should only be worn for a week at a time and then replaced, except for the week when a woman has her period. During that week and that week only, she should feel free to walk around without a patch on.


A diaphragm is a cup a woman can place over her cervix. Since every woman’s body is made differently, it’s important for them to visit their doctors in order to have their parts measured so the cup fits correctly. When using a diaphragm, which should be inserted every time a woman has sex, it’s also crucial to use spermicide.

Female Condom

Female condoms are large pouches inserted inside of the vagina. They can be used for either vaginal or anal sex, and they help prevent STDs in addition to preventing pregnancy. Like male condoms, they should be thrown away after each use.


Unless a man is willing to have a vasectomy, there aren’t many birth control options for him. However, there is something called RISUG, which is a birth control procedure for men. It only takes about 15 minutes for the doctor to make a hole in a man’s scrotum to pull out the vas deferens tube and inject Vasalgel, but it will prevent him from having children for about 10 years.

Male Birth Control Pill

Women shouldn’t be the only ones expected to take pills to prevent pregnancy. That’s why male birth control pills are going to be a thing of the future. They aren’t expected to be released for another few years, but they’ll allow men to ejaculate sperm that are nonfunctional. Keep your eye open for them, because women shouldn’t be the only ones worried about having an unplanned child.

Be Responsible with Your Junk

Whether you’re a man or a woman, you must act responsibly if you’re going to choose to be sexually active. Having a child before you’re ready will only make your life more difficult. That’s why you need to pick one or more of the birth control methods and stick to them. There’s no excuse for having unprotected sex when there are so many options available to you.


Which type of birth control do you prefer?



Holly Riordan
Holly Riordan
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