What the Hell is the Portsmouth Earthworks?

Located in Portsmouth, Ohio are intricate, uniform patterns made from Earth. Appropriately, this area is known as the Portsmouth Earthworks. Gregory Little, author of the book Path of Souls, explores this topic, which he has been studying since the 1980s, and offers theories about how this natural grid system got here.

What are the Portsmouth Earthworks?

The Portsmouth Earthworks are two mounds surrounded by 14 miles of natural Earth walkways. The walkways are all exactly 160-feet wide and guarded by a 3.5 foot wall. What’s in the middle of these walkways is the main event, however. At one time, two horseshoe-shaped mounds that were as high as 12-feet were the centerpieces to the walkways. Now, only one of the earthworks remains and it’s located on a hill in Portsmouth. All of the Portsmouth Earthworks are thought to have been created sometime in the 200-100 B.C. timespan.

Earthworks created around this time period are believed to have been developed through magical rituals. These “magic machines on earth”, as Little calls them, were what Native Americans used to communicate with their ancestors and could actually help the dead, too. It is believed that the process of forming these earthworks produced chemical changes in the brain. The Native Americans did not simply run outside and start playing in the dirt, though. Before generating the patterns, such as the Portsmouth Earthworks, a great deal of mental preparation was involved because these earthworks were believed to connect the physical and spiritual worlds.

The Death Journey

In the Path of Souls, Little explores the Native American death journey. The purpose of the journey is to send deceased souls back to the sky world, where the most vital part of everyone’s soul is believed to have originated. No need for Google Maps for this trip, though. The path is the same for everyone, each person may enter through different portals, however. The journey begins by entering a portal in the sky. After traveling across the sky, the traveler would eventually discover another portal. It’s after passing through this last portal that the final destination is reached; an area where the souls of the previously deceased reside.

The Stars and Portsmouth Earthworks

The earthworks rituals took place in the winter time. It is believed that the Native Americans creating these patterns may have been inspired by the Milky Way. When researchers took a closer look at the Portsmouth Earthworks and the stars, they found that when looking at the Milky Way on the winter solstice, the constellation seemed to extend almost perfectly across the entire earthworks. In addition, the constellation Scorpius was not supposed to be visible during the time when these rituals took place. Again, when near the earthworks on the Winter Solstice, that constellation was not visible. It seems that the connection between the Native Americans constructing these earthworks and the spiritual world was real.


Do you believe that Native Americans had a so-called mental blueprint when constructing these earthworks or is this all a coincidence?




Kirstin Wright
Kirstin Wright
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