You Won’t Believe The Shit People Have Stolen

While you might be able to say with confidence you wouldn’t steal anything yourself, it is easy to understand why people would do it. After all, work takes time and whether it is stealing something big or something small, instant gratification is much easier. In certain circumstances, you might even admit that you are willing to steal yourself. Of course, sometimes a thief comes along that completely defies all logic. Instead of thinking something like “well, I can see someone doing that,” you might say “what was that guy on?” To satiate your appetite for these situations, here are few stories you might consider.

The Los Angeles Manhole Covers

You may have heard this one before, as it tends to be one of the more publicized incidents of idiotic theft. In July 1990, Los Angeles police arrested two suspects who were responsible for stealing more than 300 manhole covers. According to the thieves, they were selling the covers as scrap metal. In case you didn’t know, these things often weight in excess of 300 pounds, so they were likely putting in much more effort than they were getting paid.

Stolen Frozen Chicken

Sure, people rob fast food joints, grocery stores, restaurants and other food service establishments, but how often do they go in with the intent to actually steal food? In a report from San Francisco, apparently one 67-year-old man needed his fix of frozen chicken. According to reports, witnesses saw this man take three boxes of frozen chicken from the local Church’s Chicken and then ride off on his bike around 5 A.M. If this guy got the munchies, he should have tried finding something fresh.

Where Is The Fence For Stolen Sharks?

In a case that perfectly fits the notion of “stranger than fiction,” a couple of shark breeders in the UK had their prized breeding shark stolen by an unknown criminal back in 2008. According to reports, the shark was about 2 feet long and not a very common species in the area, which leaves one to wonder how the thief planned to find a proper fence to sell it?

Who Needs Condoms?

In another unbelievable case out of Michigan dating back to 1994, police arrested a man for possession of a stolen condom vending machine. Yes, you read that right. This guy stole a condom vending machine from a bathroom and got away with 48 condoms and $31.75 in quarters. Considering the prison time and fine he could have faced as a result, that wasn’t the brightest idea.

Now This One Was Worth It!

While these other stories might seem somewhat unbelievable, this one might be considered impressive in contrast. Back in 2012, a group of thieves actually made off with an entire bridge in the Czech Republic. They tricked the employees at the depot into believing they were there to demolish it, and by the time these employees found out the papers were forged and these guys were frauds, they had already made off with the entire thing. According to officials, the amount of metal was worth millions and weighed in at 10 tons. In other words, these guys must have really known what they were doing. It is definitely crazy, but it seems like it worked.


Are there any other bizarre cases of things being stolen that you have read about? Which of these do you think is the strangest? Let us know what you think in the comments below!




Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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