Watch Shia LaBeouf Watch All Of His Own Movies

Fresh off of a strange public intoxication arrest in Austin, Shia LaBeouf is doing something even stranger (shocking, we know). For whatever reason, LaBeouf is watching ALL of his movies in reverse chronological order at the Angelika Film Center in New York City. He will be in the theater for the next 72 hours straight, and fans are invited to stop by and watch all three days of movies with him. If you can’t make it, no need to worry, you can also live stream LaBeouf’s face as he watches all of his movies.

We’ve been trying to check out the stream all morning, but apparently so has everyone else (we’re all lame), as the link appears to have crashed. Luckily, we found this Vine preview of the event to hold us all over until we can watch Shia watch Holes, The Even Stevens Movie, and countless hours of other movies.