Who Wants To Get Paid In Beer? It’s Possible…Read How

How many hands just shot up in the world? I would say more than I can count but my own hand is in the way and blocking my view. Who wouldn’t want to be paid in beer? I know, I know. There are a few out there who would prefer wine. But who knew beer (and wine) had an historical precedence?


Five thousand years ago, it was very common for workers to get paid in beer. Today, we have thousands of clay tablets in cuneiform recording the payments. One reason why it was so common was that money had yet to be invented. Before money, the barter system was in place and who wouldn’t trade for a beer?

The Ancient Pyramids

Dragging tons of stone is hard work. Especially in the dusty and hot desert. How else could you keep your workers coming back for more? Over four thousand years ago, workers received almost five gallons of beer a day. Getting paid in beer made the building of the pyramids so much fun.

Singing For Your Lunch.

This has been going on for years but that band you are listening to might be getting paid in beer. It is common for bands just starting out or those who haven’t even made a local name for themselves to get paid in liquid amber. Even some of your top bands will still stipulate in their contract that a certain brand of alcohol be provided backstage as part of their pay package.

Cleaning Your Streets

To top it off, getting paid in beer is making a modern come back. The city of Amsterdam is flooded with alcoholics and nothing seems to make them sober up or go away. City leaders got an idea: put them to work. One worker, as an example, shows up for work at 9 am and gets two beers. If he is still around at noon, he will get a free lunch and two beers. If he finishes the day, he gets two beers, rolling tobacco and 10 Euros. In this worker’s case, the cost of cleaning the streets for a whole day, cost only six cans of beer, tobacco and around $13.

New Careers For Interns

I wonder what my major has to be to get this job? A company called World of Beer hired three interns to travel the world and drink beer. That is travel the world for free and drink beer for free, except you do get paid $12,000 per year to do this. What else do you have to do? Write about it in their blog. That’s it. Travel, drink and write in order to get paid to drink beer? Sound like a dream job? You will have to keep looking. Applications for this job had a deadline of March 26.


What is the lowest job you would do to get paid in beer?