VidComp: Not So Lovable Adoptables

A staple of deep internet video binge sessions, the funny/fail/blooper animal adoption video, in this case the classic Pinky the cat ad, always brings a smile and a chuckle. Videos of the not so lovable adoptables can lighten most any dark day, but, believe it or not, they are harder to find than one would think.

Let me put my tinfoil hat on real fast…

VidComp: Not So Lovable Adoptables

Maybe new algorithms dictate which videos of those not so lovable adoptables show up at the top of the list, or maybe outlets like YouTube forcibly push specifically selected videos to the top of the feed no matter how deep you search, either way we had get creative to find these lovable adoptables that gave their human counterparts a run for their money.

From local news broadcasts to the HSPCA to un-aired adoption PSA’s the formats are numerous but the end result is the same. An overzealous lick to the face, a fang in the testicle, you name it, it’s happened.

Either way, we hope this brightens your day and we hope we found a few you might just enjoy!

Have you seen an outrageous animal adoption ad gone wrong and would like to share? Seriously, anything. Those videos are hard to come by…