VidComp: Ghost Sightings, Real Or Fake?

Videos of ghost sightings online come a dime a dozen, and just about every single one has been torn apart, de-materialized, debunked and remade leaving us all with the impression that nothing (and no one) can be trusted when it comes to evidence of the paranormal.

That being said, we thought we would bring you a few of the more popular and hotly debated videos to continue the conversation (hatred) in the continued effort to bring intellectual dialogue to the internet.

Just kidding…

VidComp: Ghost Sightings, Real Or Fake?

We don’t vouch for the authenticity of any of these clips. In truth, you can find videos debunking just about every single one of them, but they are nonetheless entertaining and conversation-igniting.

…and for the cherry on top, check out this vid from Facebook (warning NSFW):


What are your thoughts? Do you believe in the paranormal? Were any of these videos convincing or were they just adding static to the already fuzzy mass of information out there? Tell us how you feel: comment below and share on Facebook!

Additional Image: Creepy Pasta Wiki