VidComp: Best Skateboarding Crashes In Honor Of National Skating Day (6-21-16)

Credit card, face plant, bailout. All words that can mean happiness, terror or nothing at all depending on the circumstances. But, the extreme sports enthusiast’s trained eye might see these common phrases in a different light. A light that twinkles in one’s eyes when a multiply wooden board topped with sand paper smashes into your no-no’s with the force of a thousand suns.

We are speaking of course about skateboarding fails, and what better way to celebrate the much maligned reality of skating then with a video compilation on national skating day comprised of smashes, crashes and ball bashes?

Let the pain commence…

VidComp: Best Skateboarding Crashes In Honor Of National Skating Day (6-21-16)

To start things off we have one of the most popular and devastating credit cards of all skateboarding fails.

Then, what fail fall video would be complete without pretty people (in this case a lingerie model and then Justin Bieber).

After that is another nut shot, then a girl fail, then a nut freaking out.

Finally, our childhood dreams of riding a massive skateboard are realized (courtesy of Rob Dyrdek) but things go a bit haywire when the out of control board turns into a nightmare and attempts a ramp ride.


Do you find satisfaction from watching people fall on their face? Especially skateboarders? Are you a serial killer in training? Let us know, and make sure you also contact your local police department… Comment below and share on Facebook.