On Nov. 2, 2014, Crow Tripplehorn caught some unexpected footage of a space craft transiting the Moon through his telescope. Tripplehorn, who is also known as Crrow777 on Facebook, posted his footage on Youtube that same month for the world to see. Was this just a satellite or did he capture actual UFO footage? He has now recently reposted it for the world to see again while the debate starts all over again. What was it that we see in the video?

It’s closer than you think

Since we see it crossing the Moon, it is easy to assume it is close to the moon, but it is not. Its tremendous speed is due in part to it actually being closer to us than the Moon. It is estimated to be in what is called a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) in the range of 200 to 400 miles in altitude. If it really was skimming the Moon’s surface, it would have to cover the diameter (2159 miles) in about 18 seconds which would mean it was moving at about 43,810 miles per hour. This information led many people to believe it was just a satellite.

Three thrusters

The object is clearly showing three thrusters firing at intervals across the Moon back drop. Some have argued we are seeing a reflection off of a shiny surface or the object is simply rotating like a lighthouse beacon. You can find the original footage at this link. See for yourself (after finshing this article of course). Tell me if you are seeing a shiny surface or a lighthouse in orbit. At least their stories are becoming better than just swamp gas.

Is it Extra-Terrestrial?

The thrusters again are showing the same type of technology we used at the beginning of our own space age. Rocket engines using some kind of burning fuel in an inefficient way. I doubt someone would travel light years at the minimum using technology no better than our own. This is obviously man-made technology. Or, if you believe we are not the only sign of intelligence on our own planet — dolphin-made,

Which government owns it?

No one?  Well, at least no one is claiming it. According to schedules from the Chinese government and NASA, no current projects match what was seen just before twilight on that fateful November evening. We are still left to question if it was a secret project by a secret government or maybe a secret corporation? After all, space is on the verge of being commercialized for public use.

Is it a satellite or UFO footage?

Many more believe it is just an ordinary satellite. But, even the best answer has some holes to it. The three large thrusters seen are not attitude jets like many suggest. Attitude jets can diametrically oppose each other. That is how they can turn the craft in so many different directions. These thrusters all power in the same direction which is what a booster does. Satellites do use thrusters to maintain or even change orbit but they are much smaller than what we are seeing here. Plus, for some reason, satellite attitude jets burn blue while the thrusters we are seeing burn orange.


The end result is we still do not know for a certain scientific fact just what this object was and what it was doing in LOE. By its strictest definition, this obect is a UFO or UNIDENTIFIED Flying Object.


What do you think it is?