Mastodon Ruins Everything With “The Motherload”

We thought if there was one genre of music who’d be spared the Curse of Twerk it’d be metal. However music group, Mastodon, has proven us wrong. Thankfully, this new song can’t really be classified as true metal, even though the band itself technically thinks of itself as such – with this new single they’ve passed way beyond that and entered the high-ranks of Nickelback territory. It’s plain ol’ radio rock. And to top off their “incredible” song-crafting skills, they’ve hired a bunch of 21st-century bimbos to “twerk” about the midst of vintage stagey nonsense and flap their butt-cheeks in slow-motion to their “epic” metallic riffs.

Check it out below if you don’t believe Mastodon would do this to the world:

There. Believe us now? What happened to Mastodon… they crashed so hard they had to hire the DRUMMER (of all people) to sing for them. Someone needs to put this band out of their obvious misery.

Now share this atrocious video so your friends can have their souls curb-stomped as hard as you just did.



Ryan Tindrick
Ryan Tindrick
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