The Top 5 TV Shows You Should Be Watching

We are in the midst of the fall TV season, which is the best time to hop on some hit TV show bandwagons. As the weather cools down, it is as good a time as ever to start watching. To give you a starting point, let’s take a look at some of the best shows on TV now.

1. The Muppets

Adults were more excited at the news that our favorite puppets, the Muppets, were coming back to network television this year. This is probably because the majority of the jokes are aimed at adults and it’s magnificent. That’s not to say that kids can’t watch this show, too. In fact, the great thing about TV shows like this one is that the entire family can watch together and enjoy. And with plot twists like the headline-worthy breakup of Kermit and Ms. Piggy, this show is bound to stay fresh and funny for seasons to come.

2. Grandfathered

To gear up for the return of the Full House cast in Fuller House next year, enjoy some mature John Stamos in Grandfathered. It’s hard to imagine our beloved Uncle Jesse as a grandpa, but if anyone can make it look good, he can. Do you remember those adorable moments on Full House with Stamos and the Olsen twins? Look for more of those, but with the young actor who plays his grandchild.

3. Life in Pieces

If you like Modern Family, you’ll love this TV show, too. Both are single-camera comedies that cover the everyday antics of an all-American family. What sets Life in Pieces apart, though, is that it makes more racy jokes and pushes that line just a tad farther than Modern Family does. Plus, it has an all-star cast with the likes of Tom Hanks’ son, Colin Hanks, and James Brolin.

4. Code Black

The newest show in the hospital drama genre is Code Black, which takes place in the busiest hospital in the United States, the LA County Hospital. Don’t expect any frills or romantic distractions in this TV show. It’s based on a documentary of the same name and Code Black strives to reach the level of that award-winning film. It’s real, graphic, and will make you appreciate what ER workers deal with on a daily basis.

5. Blindspot

This TV show is a mystery and it will be a fun ride watching Jaimie Alexander’s character try to figure out her past. She is covered in detailed tattoos that she doesn’t know the meaning of and is as tough as a Navy SEAL (but doesn’t know how). One of Jane Doe’s prominent tattoos is a name: Kurt Weller (played by Sullivan Stapleton). Weller is an FBI agent who is assigned to the Doe case after this tattoo is discovered. In fact, every tattoo on her body turns out to be a different case to solve. With each solved case, viewers come closer to knowing just who this woman is. Intrigued yet?



Which new show are you hooked on?




Kirstin Wright
Kirstin Wright
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