Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms worldwide. Any Instagram visitor can find virtually anything on Instagram, including following celebrities, finding new fitness programs, and even getting kitchen recipes on Instagram. It’s a giant “go-to” place that is addicting. However, social media also has it downfalls.

One Instagram Model

A beautiful 18-year-old model from Australia named Essena O’Neill had almost 800,000 followers on Instagram, capturing one beautiful photo after another gaining a name for herself. She also earned a huge modeling contract with one of the biggest modeling agencies in Australia, but behind closed doors it was another story. Essena decided that Instagram was too much for her, because she was never happy with her amount of followers and her obsession to get the perfect photo left her leaving a tearful video for all of her fans and followers. This may sound crazy, but Essena’s story is all too common.


Making Money

A story like Essena’s may seem so far fetched, but social media can really make or break a person. Essena chose to take her celebrity status elsewhere and focus on helping people, but other Instagram accounts with a large number of followers choose to make huge profits off of different products and services. Instagram’s platform is quite impressive: it’s also a great place for people who are hoping to get discovered for modeling jobs or promotional jobs.

Instagram’s Waist Trainers

As many of you might have noticed, there are certain products on Instagram that are constantly being promoted. One of them is a “waist snatcher.” Those are the extremely uncomfortable-looking devices that go around the waist or mid-section. Celebrities such as, of course, the Kardashians, Amber Rose, Black Chyna, and Kim Biermann have worn them. As uncomfortable as these torture devices might appear, people flock to go purchase them.


Perfect White Teeth

Another huge promotional item on Instagram is all of the teeth-whitening products. Realistically, most of us know that celebrities all go to cosmetic dentists and get veneers, not use these products, but they will still promote teeth whiteners. Almost every single Real Housewives cast member can be seen promoting some form of a teeth whitener. Even some of the male reality stars, such as Mendeecees Harris from Love and Hip Hop NY, can be seen on his Instagram promoting teeth whitening kits. Do you really believe in these teeth whitening kits?

Instagram and Weight Loss

Of course, anything to do with weight loss is going to be promoted on Instagram as well. Meal replacement shakes are the big fad right now; but, as of last week, a new coffee creamer that is supposed to curb the appetite was promoted by Lisa Rinna. The interesting fact about Lisa Rinna promoting a weight loss product would be that she is already extremely physically fit and doesn’t need to lose any weight.


Overall, Instagram is an amazing social media platform that millions (if not billions) of people are using in a daily basis. If making money can be achieved from social media, then it’s great for the economy and those who are earning a paycheck from Instagram.



What do you think about the power of Instagram?