Everyone loves a good high school football game. And some of the best parts are when the school’s mascot comes out and gets the crowd all ampped up. From Trojans, to Hurricanes, to Bulldogs, there’s a huge range of mascots that represent schools.

But not all of them are necessarily appropriate. In this day and age, with all the media hype around political correctness and people being offended at every little thing, you’d think all the offensive school mascots would have been weaned out by now. But they haven’t.

Just check out these six offensive school mascots.

Freeburg Midgets (Illinois)

Since the 1928-1929 school year, Freeburg Community High School has been home to the Midgets. Up until the mid ’60s, the mascot was Marty the Midget, an ornery little guy dressed in blue and wearing boxing gloves.

Dickinson Midgets (North Dakota)

Yep, more than one school has a midget for their logo. At least in the mid-1990s, the school looked into changing the mascot because they felt it wasn’t very politically correct. The Today Show even ran a story about it, where the Little People of America said they weren’t offended by it. Now, though, it seems that they’ve changed their stance on the use of the word.

Orofino Maniacs (Idaho)

No one knows for sure if the mascot for the Orofino High School originated from the local state hospital, but most of the students don’t  mind. According to the Spokesman Review, in 1981, students voted to see if anyone thought the mascot should be changed, but not one voted in favor of losing the manic. (Personally, we think the Comic Sans font is possibly the most offensive part of the mascot.)

Rhode Island School of Design Nads

When you leave decisions up to college students, you better be prepared for an unusual outcome. That’s exactly what happened when the students at Rhode Island School of Design picked out a mascot for the school’s basketball team (also known as the Balls) and hockey team (the Nads). Scrotie was erected and has yet to be held down.

Centralia Orphans (Illinois)

It started out innocently enough. In the early 1900s, the Centralia boys’ basketball team didn’t have enough money to buy uniforms. When they made it the state tournament, they all had mix-and-match uniforms on. During the game, one of the announcers said they looked like a bunch of orphans, and the name stuck.

Coachella Valley Arabs (California)

When the Coachella Valley School District decided on Arabs for their school mascot in the 1930s, it was meant to be a badge of honor, not a stereotypical insult. The founders wanted to pay tribute to a local Arab colony that helped support the economy in the area with its date palm growing. But after pressure from the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, the school put their 80 year old mascot to rest in August of 2014. By September, the school’s new mascot was born, the Mighty Arab.

Hooker’s Horny Toads (Oklahoma)

While it’s not a high school mascot, no list of offensive mascots would be complete missing a shout-out to the American Legion’s baseball team in Hooker, Oklahoma, the Horny Toads. Named after a calf roper, John “Hooker” Threlkeld, the town states its name has nothing to do with the age-old profession.

Do any of these mascots offend you? Do you know of another offensive team? Share your opinion in the comments.




Molly Carter
Molly Carter
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