These Tribesmen Hike for Miles for Hallucinogenic Honey

A tribe of Nepal hunts a wild honey with natural psychoactive properties (“mad honey”) and they use it as a medicine and a soft drug.

In Nepal, at the base of huge ­ass mountains, there is a village where one month a year, giant bees gather pollen from poisonous bees and make a hallucinogenic honey from it. The villages gather honey from the bees and then eat the honey, which messes them up. The honey is also magical. Sometimes these bees build there hives in houses.

It’s great for putting in your tea, smearing on bread and, of course, tripping balls.

Sometimes Communists tell the villagers not to eat the honey, but they are dicks. The villagers do a ritual before they take the honey to forest spirits that involves sacrificing the life of a cock. The ritual is meant to ensure that no one dies or gets hurts getting the honey.



Cody Klewin
Cody Klewin
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