The Most Brilliantly Insane Street Performer

If you saw this man just running and dancing down the street, beating a drum in a speedo and screaming “Love is the answer!” while quacking like a duck, would you stop and watch? Or just walk away, shaking your head as another “crazy” person rolls on by? At first glance, you may think you’re part of the latter group who’d walk away… but after watching a few minutes of his truly original performance, you may end up laughing ’till you cry.

The artist is Matthew Silver, a street performer from New York who has a zany approach to his work; it’s almost indescribable. He may be wearing a bra on his head while talking into a telephone cut off from the source, or maybe he’s tossing stuffed animals back and forth through a hula-hoop while making fart sounds and jumping around in a circle. Regardless of what random thing he’s doing, if you have a heart, you’ll at least smile – if not laughing your heart out.


The following video is one of the first times Matthew Silver was captured on camera; he talks about the meaning of life, love, and gives advice to younger generations (among other things). Check it out below:

It’s a bit crazy, so if you’re still not impressed, keep reading and check out this second video; it features an extended performance with a live drummer, mixed into an in-depth interview with Matthew Silver himself, out of character. It’s impressive to hear the ideas behind the madness, why he does what he does, and the message of hope and love that he’s trying to send the world. Most may walk away, but if he can reel them in, he’ll do something incredible for anyone willing to see.

So the next time you see a crazy man in a beard screaming about love, it might be wise to listen. Through all the apparent insanity, you never know what wisdom he may be able to teach you about living life in the moment.


To learn more about Matthew Silver’s performance art and to find out where you can see more of him, head on over to his website at:



Ryan Tindrick
Ryan Tindrick
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