The 7 Most Insanely Comical Amazon Product Reviews

Amazon is a magical place. No, not the rain forest, though that is probably pretty cool too. I mean, that magical online marketplace. Of course, some of the products you find on Amazon are just downright weird and that weirdness is only enhanced by the insanely comical reviews you’ll find. Don’t know what I mean? Well, here are 7 examples.

1. This relaxation capsule, which resembles something familiar to science fiction fans.



This is a real double whammy, as both the top positive review and top negative review are absolute gold. The negative review is in reference to the 2006 Luke Wilson movie, Idiocracy. If you don’t understand the positive review, you likely live under a rock.

2. This supposed Uranium ore.

uranium ore amazon funny reviews

Though I’m glad that Doc Brown is working on so many interesting projects, I feel somewhat unsafe knowing you can purchase uranium ore online.

3. This whole rabbit, which even celebrities can’t resist buying.

dead rabbit to buy reviews amazon george takai


Not only do we get a very interesting positive review from someone we all wish could be our neighbor, but we also see George Takei come out on this one. Apparently it is different strokes for different folks on this one, so judge your purchase decision accordingly.

4. And apparently George Takei likes being a comment troll.

So, not only does this thing exist (“Wheelmate Steering Wheel Attachable Work Surface Tray“), but George Takei uses it to terrorize the streets and this other guy shows that he is completely unfit to be a parent. Well, perhaps you would be better off just using it to browse through Article Cats articles saving it for other uses for when you can sit down and focus without the risk of killing anyone (please do not read, text or participate in distracting dance parties while you drive).

5. And apparently this UFO detector works.

amazon reviews humor funny takai


takai prank ufo funny humor amazon review

And Takai strikes again! The fact that this product exists, makes me question whether if it’s even worth living in society, but then this review makes it even more terrifying. Are us non-believers the ones who are crazy? Was this review really left by an alien that will one day take over our planet? Who knows?

6. How is this called a guardian angel?

guardian angel review amazon

I don’t know how this would ever pass as a guardian angel, but this Trustworthy Human fellow has certainly got a knack for creating interesting Amazon reviews. Watch out George Takei, you have some competition.

7. This highly informative book about avoiding huge ships.

how to avoid big ships review humor funny parenting books lit

Well, on one hand it will help keep your children safe from the bad influence of huge ships. On the other, you may end up missing your cruise ship. Read at your own risk.


Are there any other strange products you have come across on Amazon? Did we miss your favorite comical Amazon product reviews? Post it in the comments!

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Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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