Thank You Netflix… Bob Ross Will Grace Us Once More

If you have ever seen Bob Ross’ gentle brushstrokes or heard his gentle voice soothe and calm us while teaching us to paint, you will never forget Bob Ross. It was his gentle personality that endeared him to millions of us through the years that he was on television. Kind of like an artistic version of Mr. Rogers, veiwers would look forward to the short time he was on their local channel and they could sit calmy and serenely for a respite from their hectic day. Now, the artist is returning to his old fans and hopefully a new generation on Netflix.

The Joy Of Painting

Bob Ross came to the world through the iconic PBS show called The Joy of Painting. Through his show, we would marvel at how easy Bob made it look. Until we tried to do it ourselves. As easy as he made it look, Bob Ross was a fine and detailed artist that was much better than he may have appeared because of how easy he made it look. You can still see the well known Joy of Painting on Youtube and but his very similar Beauty is Everywhere will be coming to Netflix during this month, September, 2016.

Happy Little Trees

Bob Ross was better known for his sayings or “BOBisms” which represented his own personally philosophy so well. Bob was known as the “nicest” painter or the “happy” painter because of the way he tried to bring joy to his artwork as well as those who followed him every week. Everything he tried to paint, he tried to paint it ‘happy”. One of my favorite BOBisms is “There are no mistakes… only happy accidents”. Now you can show your too-young-to-know friends what Bob is all about on Netflix.

Where Did He Come From?

Bob Ross was born on October 29th, 1942 in Dayton Beach, Florida. In 1981, Bob was fresh out of the Air Force and trying to make it as a painter. That was when he met Annette Kowalski who became his manager. Together, they took to the road and held countless seminars trying to get his name spread around. His name didn’t really take off until he got his own television show. From there, the rest was history. Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting lasted from 1982-1994, generating over 400 episodes. Now on Netflix, Bob is still alive and sharing his happy wisdom to new viewers.

The Afro

The iconic image of Bob Ross and his afro was a result of happy timing. Just before his launch into stardom with his own television show, Bob had changed to wearing an afro because he thought it could help him save money by cutting down on the number of haircuts he would need. By the time, he was able to afford all of the haircuts he could ever want, his afro had become part of his brand or image and he was stuck with it.


Bob Ross passed away in 1995 shortly after being diagnosed with lymphoma at the age of 52. In the twenty plus years since his passing, Bob has become immortalized by millions of fans and he lives on in an uncountable number of Internet memes that generate new thoughts every day. Just like Bob who painted over 30,000 paintings in his lifetime. From the iconic image of a friendly squirrel resting on his shoulder to his gentle smile, Bob Ross has become more than a legend. He has become an elemental god as famous as Andy Warhol. Don’t believe it? According to, just as many people look up Bob Ross’ final resting place as the fans of Andy Warhol.


Did Bob Ross Make You Happy?