Creators Of Cards Against Humanity Are Dipping Into The Fortune Cookie Market And It’s Hilarious

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October 1, 2016
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Creators Of Cards Against Humanity Are Dipping Into The Fortune Cookie Market And It’s Hilarious

You’ve most likely either played or at least heard of the popular card game, Cards Against Humanity. The game consists of completing a sentence using words on the cards you’re holding in your hand. The person who has the funniest response to the incomplete sentence wins the round. The creators behind this game are trying their hand at fortune cookies. Since we all know how random those fortunes can be, why not guarantee a laugh the next time you enjoy Chinese takeout?

A bit of warning for those that enjoy the philosophical nature of traditional fortune cookies: the Cards Against Humanity creators went a different direction. They didn’t waste any ink or paper on printing lucky numbers, either. Not that anyone cares about those anyway.

You’ll also notice that each cookie has a friendly-looking smiley face made out of the word “OK”. This is actually the name of the company that produces these cookies. Since the OK Cookie Company sells these little goodies to anyone, you don’t have to wait until your favorite Chinese joint starts including them with their meals.

Hey, It’s The Truth

This first Cards Against Humanity fortune cookie gets serious quick. In fact, there are a couple of fortune cookies that focus on death. This one is actually true, as we all are going to die at some point, whether it be of a heart attack…or something. In fact, this one could be the most truthful fortune cookie you’ll ever receive. Maybe impress a new friend with your fortune-telling skills by handing them this gem. Just don’t be taken aback if they look at you a little weird.

Dream Crusher

Every child is encouraged from a young age to follow their dreams. They are advised that the impossible can happen, so dream big. The Cards Against Humanity creators encourage their patrons to do the same…sort of. They assert that a person’s wildest not only can, but WILL come true, as long as they dream of what is likely to happen, like the extinction of bees. To the person that for some reason does actually dream of the extinction of honey bees, this fortune cookie is for you.

Perfect For Your Valentine

This next fortune cookie from the Cards Against Humanity creators is made for that romantic Valentine’s Day dinner with your sweetie. Just make sure that he or she has a sense of humor and that you know them pretty well. This fortune cookie isn’t first date material, but it should be golden for around the 50th date, for sure.

Your Political Platform

Perhaps one of the Cards Against Humanity creators should be on the presidential ballot. We’ve had enough of the optimistic campaign speeches, it’s time for some straight talk a la this fortune cookie.


Will you purchase any of these fortune cookies made by the Cards Against Humanity creators?




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