Terrifying News Stories…This Stuff Is Real

Think movies are too scary this time of year? Sometimes there are even scarier incidents that can be found in real life terrifying news stories. There is some scary stuff happening all around us which brings us the question: would it be better to live in bliss than in terror? Yeah, me neither. I gotta know what’s happening behind my back, next door and what might be coming down the street tomorrow night. Better to be forewarned, right? I hope for your sake, you don’t live on a DEAD end.

Taking Work Home With You

Name the officer in the far left of this famously historic illustration. Can’t? He is Union Army Major Henry Rathbone. Unfortunately for President Lincoln, the Major was too far away to stop John Wilkes Booth from assassinating our 16th president but was seriously stabbed by the knife in Booth’s left hand. The tragic event was followed by a terrifying news story years later. Major Rathbone dealt with the guilt of not saving his president for so long that it ate away at him until there was no sanity left. By 1883, 18 years after the event, Rathbone and family found themselves in Hanover, Germany as the US consul. Late one night in December, Rathbone tried to kill his three children. Wife Clara, seated next to him in the illustration, managed to stop him but not before he stabbed her. According to reports, he was trying to recreate the deathly scene in Ford Theater 18 years past. He spent the remaining years in an insane asylum complaining of people hiding behind the pictures on the wall. Recently, the house in Hanover where they lived is available.  Any takers?

Borrowing The Car

No one but a parent can ever know how terrifying it is to lose a child. Not just in death but missing as well. Recently, a new father pulled into a gas station to fill up the tank. When his card wouldn’t go through at the pump, he had no choice but to go inside the market and pay for his gas. Coming out, he was terrified to see his car speeding off… with his one-year-old twins in the backseat! The children (and car) were recovered only a half block away but for those few terrifying minutes, the father experienced his worst nightmare. How do you explain to a non-parent what you are feeling? What’s worse, this terrifying news story is happening more and more often every day.

Murder Castle

America’s first serial killer built a grand hotel in Chicago during the 1890s. It was built by differing shifts of builders so no man would ever know the whole plan or true purpose of the building. Inside were no windows in the maze of rooms. Rooms had doors you could only open from the outside. The top floor had a chute where bodies could be sent directly to the basement where there were two furnaces and ample supplies of corrosive acid. When this terrifying news story broke, it was unknown how many victims Mr. Holmes dumped down the chute. He admitted to 27. It may be as high as 200.

Elisa Lam

In 2013, Elisa Lam stopped writing her parents daily while in Los Angeles. When police investigated, they uncovered elevator footage that showed an Lam stabbing at elevator buttons while in a panic. During the intervening nine days, Cecil Hotel residents complained of foul tasting water in their rooms. Investigating, they found Lam’s nude body floating in the water tank on the roof. Scarier? Same hotel where Nightstalker Richard Ramirez lived on the 14th floor in the 80’s when he was killing 14 women. Serial killer Jack Unterweger stayed at the same hotel while murdering three of his victims in 1991. Lam’s terrifying news story is still unsolved.  Any ideas?

Gourmet Fetuses

Where do these thoughts originate from? Someone came up with the bright idea that a dead fetus would help your sex life. Even worse, who would swallow (pun intended) this idea willingly? In China, dead fetuses are being served up in soups or as a side dish depending on your taste buds that night. Police are working hard on stopping this terrifying news story but as of this time, they still have no idea where these dead fetuses are coming from. I don’t even want to know if they taste like chicken or not.


Would you stay at the Cecil Hotel for one night?