How to Take Better Photos With Your Camera Phone

How many times have you pulled your mobile phone out of your pocket to snap a photo of a memorable event only to be disappointed with the result? You are in good company if you sometimes (or frequently) are disappointed with your camera phone photos.

These five tips can help you take better photos with your camera phone – or any digital camera.

Know your phone’s limitations

Camera phones have some unique limitations due to their small size. The small size of the photo sensor and the lack of optical zoom are two of the most obvious challenges. Understanding the limitations of your camera phone is the first step to taking better photos. Read the manual and practice with different settings to learn what you can and cannot do with your camera.

Take time to compose the photo

Practicing photo composition can improve your photography no matter what type of camera you use. Practicing photography techniques like the rule of thirds and using leading lines can dramatically improve the aesthetics of photographs.

Find the best lighting

The photo sensor in a camera phone is considerably smaller than those used in larger cameras. The smaller sensors make shooting good photos in low or bright light even more challenging. Trying to photograph a scene with both a bright and dark area is difficult. This does present an opportunity for some creative photos though if you are aware of these limits and use them to your advantage. Otherwise, consider recomposing the shot to avoid areas with a large difference in lighting.

Camera position

Try to stand or sit in a comfortable position when preparing to take a photo to avoid camera shake. Hold your elbows in close to your side while pausing between breaths, and be careful while pressing the shutter button. Resting against a wall, tree or other object can also help to reduce camera shake.

Photo Apps

There are many camera and photography apps available for both iPhone and Android. These apps can add features to the native camera app or perform additional image processing after the photo has been taken.

 Bonus Tip

Clean your camera lens before trying to take that perfect photo. Lenses on camera phones often collect dust or lint while being carried about in a pocket, purse, or bag. Anything on the camera lens will affect the quality of the photo.


 Do you have any tips to add? What are your favorite camera apps?




Robert Witham
Robert Witham
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