How Do You Survive? PMS Symptoms and Remedies

Unfortunately, health class never teaches students all they should know about female genitalia. Even if you’re a woman, there are things you probably don’t know about the way your own body works. When it comes to PMS and cramps women search for relief while, often times, men search for cover. However, it’s time to put an end to the naivety with information about how to survive PMS and cramps.

What Is PMS?

Premenstrual syndrome is something many women deal with on a monthly basis. It typically occurs one to two weeks before menstruation. Strangely, the causes are still unknown. Some doctors believe it is due to hormonal changes in the body and others believe it has to do with chemical changes in the brain.

PMS Symptoms

Mood swings are the most common symptom of PMS. However, although it’s the most noticeable emotional symptom, there are plenty of physical symptoms as well. When a woman is experiencing PMS, she can develop tender breasts, become incredibly tired, and crave certain foods. She could also suffer from headaches, muscle soreness, bloating, acne, and constipation.

While some women are able to handle PMS without a problem, there are others who are hampered by the symptoms. They have a form of PMS referred to as premenstrual dysphoric disorder, which includes severe depression, anger, anxiety, and concentration problems.

Try These Remedies

If you suffer from bloating, try eating small and frequent meals, which should reduce the bloating sensation. You should also cut down on salty foods and avoid caffeine altogether. Instead, stick to eating fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

If you’re more concerned with muscle soreness and cramps, taking a warm bath is a surefire way to reduce your discomfort. It’ll ease both your physical and mental symptoms by relaxing your muscles and your emotional tension. You should also make a point to get plenty of sleep and exercise when you’re experiencing PMS. If you’re not feeling well enough to take a brisk walk, then you can always try yoga, which can also help to reduce your cramps.

Medications And Herbal Remedies


If your pain is so intense you need medication, you should use Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAID) to relieve headaches and cramps. The most common type of NSAIDS are Advil and Motrin. However, if you’re suffering more from emotional symptoms than physical ones, you should consult your doctor for antidepressants. Prozac and Paxil have both been proven to reduce mood changes that are brought on by PMS.

If you’d rather stick with more natural remedies like herbal treatments, there are plenty of alternatives for you to try. You could use primrose oil or chaste berry extract in order to reduce breast tenderness. You can even use dandelion leaf for depression. However, you need to be careful with these remedies, because they could alter the effectiveness of your birth control.


What do you think is the best remedy for PMS?

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