The Strangest Vending Machines In Existence

Most vending machines are filled with cookies, chips, water, and soda to help people get through their day without starving or falling asleep. What would you do if instead of a caffeine filled can of sugar you got a live crab, a crack pipe, or even a lock of hair? There are some vending machines that dispense some outrageous items. Here are the strangest vending machines in existence that sell things you’d probably never guess could be sold in a vending machine.

Live Crabs

In China, there are vending machines actually dispensing live crabs. The machine can fit dozens of packaged crabs inside of it, which each sell for around $3.27. If you’re worried about the crustaceans, don’t fret too much, because they aren’t suffocating inside of their packaging and their legs aren’t broken, either. Of course, that will change when a customer brings them home and uses the crab vinegar and ginger tea the creatures come with.

Crack Pipes

Although it’s never safe to use drugs, the activity becomes even more dangerous when a person shares their crack pipe with another person. If the pipe is broken, or if they share it with someone who has a cut or a sore on their lips, hepatitis C, hepatitis B, HIV and other communicable diseases can spread.  That’s why vending machines dispensing crack pipes have popped up in Vancouver. It’s Canada’s way of keeping its residents safe until they agree to go to rehab.


Canada isn’t the only country trying to take care of their people. In Seattle, there is a vending machine that dispenses marijuana. However, a person can only buy from the machine after scanning their ID to prove they have medical marijuana state identification.


Women commonly walk around in uncomfortable shoes. When they forget to pack an extra pair of flats to wear once their toes start to hurt, this vending machine has them covered. It distributes flat shoes that are comfortable to walk in. However, they’re much more expensive than the sodas you’re used to getting out of vending machines. Some of the shoes cost around $30.00.


There’s a vending machine that actually allows women to buy hair. Since there are plenty of women out there who add extensions to their scalp in order to make their hair appear longer and straighter, the vending machines have popped up all over the globe. They allow women to receive their products without waiting for a human to ring up the contents of their shopping cart.


It’s not unusual to see a vending machine that sells drinks, but those drinks don’t normally contain alcohol. That’s why a wine vending machine sounds so outrageous. However, it has a an ID scanner to make sure the buyer is of legal age, and it has an alcohol sensor to make sure the customer isn’t already drunk. Don’t worry about children borrowing their parents IDs to buy these drinks, because there is also a surveillance camera with a human behind it, who makes sure the ID photos match the person buying the alcohol.


In Los Angeles, there’s actually a caviar vending machine. It sounds expensive, but you can buy a small amount of the food for only $5.00. The prices go up to as high as $500.00 so you should watch which buttons you press before you swipe your credit card.

People have become instant fanatics. These vending machines prove the world is a far faster paced place then when the only vending machines in existence shot out Ho Hos and bottles of Coke.


Which of these machines would you actually pay to use? What other crazy vending machines do you know of?

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Holly Riordan
Holly Riordan
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