The Strangest Haunted Animal Stories

As your cat stares at a blank wall for minutes on end, you can’t help but wonder what in the world he’s thinking. If you’re like me, you’ve gone over to that mysterious wall that intrigues your cat so much to get a closer look. After a quick glance, you proceed to call your cat crazy and continue watching whatever was on Netflix. What if it turned out your cat actually did see something on that wall; a ghost maybe? Would you keep your haunted animal? These people below did and they grabbed their cell phone to catch it on video, too.

Meowing in Tongues

You know that deep, almost growling sound your cat makes when it’s really pissed? Nothing makes me drop my cat quicker. Frighteningly enough, the haunted cat in this video makes a sound that’s scarier. The video starts from behind the cat, who seems to be entranced with something across the room. Whatever it is causes this haunted animal to make the scariest sound I’ve ever heard come out of a cat. If the sound wasn’t bad enough, when the camera pans around to the cat’s face, his freaking eyes are RED! The minute my cat’s eyes turn red, I’m calling an exorcist.

A Meow for Help?

The haunted animal in this video is another cat. I’m sensing a theme here. I’m not sure if it’s the angle of the camera or how upset this cat was, but his mouth seems to be 10 times bigger than a normal cat’s. His teeth look extra threatening from this point of view, too. He seems to be mad (really mad) during some parts of the video, but in others, he just meows softly. Someone needs to grab this cat some kitty treats stat!


Goats have recently become popular for the funny sounds they make while bleating. The goats in this video seem to be calling for help. Who is Bob, anyway? Maybe a person from the other side that this haunted animal is trying to reach? We may never find out who Bob or Ed are, but we can at least hit replay and laugh over and over again.

Is That a Dog?

This dog’s bark is sure to scare off any potential burglar…and annoy your neighbors. We don’t actually get to see the dog in this video, but I, for one, am thankful for that. I imagine him wearing a spiked collar with huge teeth and slobber dripping all over. The way the girls’ laugh at it in this video, though, it’s probably some little Chihuahua making all that noise. Regardless of the breed, that dog sure sounds like it’s possessed by something.

Brush the Kitty

At first glance, this seems like it will be one of those cute cat videos the Internet can’t get enough of; an owner brushing her precious kitty. It doesn’t take long for this video to go south, however. The cat’s head turns upward and he starts making a sound that only a mother could love. And even then I’m not so sure. The cat seems to be enjoying the brushing, but is this its version of purring? I sure don’t want to be near this animal when it’s hissing.


Has your pet ever made you think that it was haunted?




Kirstin Wright
Kirstin Wright
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