Did You Know These Weird Quirks Are Genetic?

There are a few genetic quirks that you might not even realize are unique until you’re told that only certain people have them. After all, if your body is built in a particular way, you’ll assume that everyone was created just like you were until you’ve been informed otherwise. Of course, there are some people who have more abilities than others do, and you might be one of them. If you’re not sure, here are some of the strangest genetic quirks that most of us don’t think twice about:

Tongue Rolling

The ability to roll your tongue is determined by your genetics. Children who have parents who are able to roll their tongues have a significantly higher chance of being able to roll theirs as well. According to a survey, about 65 to 81 percent of people are able to roll their tongues, which means that there’s a good chunk of the population that are unable to do something that might seem super simple to you.

Cilantro Taste

Whether or not you like the taste of cilantro is determined by your genes. Although some people love the herb, there are certain people who believe that it tastes like soap and can ruin any meal. The reason why some people equate the taste to soap is because they have certain genes, called OR6A2, that allow them to pick up on aldehyde chemicals, which are found in both cilantro and soap.

Double Jointed

Have you ever seen a contortionist bend their body in a way that would be impossible for you to copy? That’s because being double jointed, also known as hyperlaxity, is a medical condition that affects only three percent of the world’s population. Of course, contortionists have more than their genes to thank. They would never be able to push their bodies to such extremes if it weren’t for hours of training.

Hand Clasping

Clasp your hands together. Is the thumb from your right hand or the thumb from your left hand on top? Even though about half of the population ends up with their left thumb on top, and the other half ends up with their right thumb on top, their preference is determined by genetics, which means that if you aren’t focusing on your hands when you clasp them, the same thumb should always end up on top.

Bent Little Finger

Barring hand-related accidents at some point in life, your genetics are the reason behind your bent pinky finger. Its scientific name is Camptodactyly, and it can be given to you from either your parents or your grandparents. If the case is severe enough, then a person with this condition won’t even be able to straighten their pinky out all the way if they try.

Red Hair

Even though there are plenty of women who dye their hair red to look fashionable, it’s pretty rare to have naturally red hair. After all, both of your parents must be carriers of the genes in order for it to be passed down to you. Since it’s more common for both men and women to carry the genes for blonde or brunette hair, it makes redheads hard to come by.


Do you have any of these strange genetic quirks?

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Holly Riordan
Holly Riordan
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