When a couple gets engaged, it’s natural for them to want to brag to everyone they know. That’s why some couples send out engagement photos or post them on social media in order to let all of their family members and friends know that they’re planning on getting married. Of course, some people are a little more creative than others. In fact, some people get so creative that the photos end up looking completely bizarre. To prove it, here are a few of the strangest engagement photos we’ve ever seen:

Mario Marriage

Cosplay, anyone? When does dressing up as a video game character start to get weird? Mario isn’t the sexiest either, but it’s the princess-saving thought that counts. Of course, if their first date was spent playing the game, then the snapshot is somewhat romantic. Looks like our favorite Italian plumber finally got the girl!

Simulated Sex

When your parents find out that you’re getting married, the last thing they want to think about is that you two will be having sex. Clearly, this couple isn’t worried about upsetting their family members, because—well, look at the picture. At least it won’t be out of wedlock, right Grandma?

Cat Couple

Cats love attention, which is probably why this one is stealing the spotlight from his owner. Even though engagement photos are traditionally meant to show off the happy couple, this cat is the only piece of the picture that’s actually in focus. The man and woman are just a blurry part of the background.

Muddy Matrimony

This picture was probably meant to come out artsy, but it didn’t get the job done. Not only is the background more grimy than gorgeous, but the couple’s pose seems forced instead of friendly. Plus, the expression on her face makes it seem like she’s been hurt, not like she’s in love.

Toilet Trouble

If this photograph is meant to portray this couple’s idea of married life, then why would she even want to get married? I mean, she’s just waiting on her man while he sits around with his pants at his ankles. He’s living the life, but marriage doesn’t seem like such a good deal for her.

Gunned Down

The cliche about a woman’s father hating her boyfriend is getting old. Even if her dad only agreed to pose for this photo, because he actually liked her partner, why would she want such a violent thing included in her engagement photos? If you want a picture to be romantic, maybe don’t joke about killing your future spouse.

Pee Break

While the woman looks as pretty as can be, her fiancé is portrayed in a negative light. He barely even has his face showing, so how will strangers be able to judge the two of them as a couple? While it makes sense to want a funny engagement photo, something can be funny and cute at the same time–but this certainly isn’t. Also, peeing? Really?

No Dumping

Even though this couple is clearly trying to reference the type of dumping that happens when one person breaks up with another, it can easily become confusing, especially with the pose that the soon-to-be husband is in. If they didn’t send out a little message about their wedding with this photo, it would be impossible for anyone to tell that it’s meant to announce their engagement.


What’s the strangest engagement photo you’ve ever seen?

Additional Images: Pet Talk




Holly Riordan
Holly Riordan
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