Courtney Demone is a transexual woman who has had firsthand experience with the difference in the way men and women are treated. As a woman, she has gotten rude messages on her online dating profiles that she never received as a man. Of course, sexual harassment isn’t the only change that she has noticed. She has also had to deal with her friends telling her to trim her body hair and carry around a purse (so that she looks more feminine). Even though being hairless and carrying around certain fashion accessories is considered “feminine,” are those materials really required to be a woman? Of course not, so then why does Courtney (along with all of the other women in the world) have to deal with these stereotypes?

Can Transexual Women Walk Around Shirtless?

There’s been a lot of controversy over nipples in the last few years. Some people believe that it’s unfair for men to be allowed to walk around shirtless when it’s improper for women to do the same. Popular sites, like Instagram, even take down photographs of women when they have their nipples showing, while men are allowed to post as many shirtless selfies as they’d like. Of course, this raises a question about transexual women like Courtney. She identifies as a woman, but she is just starting her hormone treatments, so she doesn’t have fully developed breasts yet. For now, will her flat chest be censored on Facebook and Instagram, or will she be allowed to post those half-naked photographs until her breasts look bigger?

#FreeThe Nipple

You might’ve heard of this hashtag, which many women have been using to protest the fact that they’re pressured into keeping their nipples hidden from the world. There have been hundreds of women who have posted naked pictures of themselves, and other women who have photoshopped men’s nipples onto their chests in order to protest the inequality. It’s meant to bring attention to the sexism that still plagues our society, even though it shouldn’t be an issue in 2015.

When Do The Rules Of Body Image Change?

Now that transexuals have finally become an accepted part of society, it raises a lot of questions. Most importantly, what is the exact moment when a woman’s body starts to become sexualized, objectified, and censored? Is it when she develops full breasts, when she wears feminine clothes and puts on makeup, or when she tells the world that she’s identifying as a woman? With any luck, transexual women will help the world realize that there’s a thin line between male and female. That means that women shouldn’t be treated any differently than men are treated. We’re all equals, after all.


What are your feelings about the #FreeTheNipple protest?

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