Anyone Have a Dried Bull Penis Handy? Strange Hangover “Remedies” That Probably Wouldn’t Work

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Anyone Have a Dried Bull Penis Handy? Strange Hangover “Remedies” That Probably Wouldn’t Work

There’s no arguing drinking can be fun. However, the hangover you end up with the next day can make you wish you’ve never tasted alcohol. Whether you have to go to work after a night of drinking or have a big date, you don’t want to feel miserable, which is why there are so many different hangover cures. Of course, not all of them are as effective as they claim to be. In fact, some of them sound completely ridiculous. Here are some of the strangest hangover remedies that probably wouldn’t work.

Rubbing Lemon Under Your Armpit

Most hangover cures consist of eating a certain combination of food or swallowing certain pills. Some people in Puerto Rico believe hangovers can be prevented with one slice of a lemon or a lime, and you don’t even have to eat it. Simply rubbing it under your dominant arm will, in theory, stop your skin from become dehydrated and stop your head from aching.

Performing Voodoo On A Bottle

Voodoo doesn’t have to be performed on an actual person. Some people in Haiti believed voodoo was also the solution to their hangovers. After waking up feeling under the weather, they would grab the empty bottle they drank from the night before and stick 13 black pins into the cork in the hopes of getting rid of their headaches.

Licking Off Your Own Sweat

Some Native Americans believe the trick to curing a hangover is to go for a run the next morning. Of course, that’s not all they did. Once they built up a sweat, they licked it off of their armpits in order to get rid of the toxins from their bodies. For some reason, they believed it would stop the aches and pains associated with hangovers.

Burying Yourself In Sand

In Ireland, some people believed all they needed to cure a hangover was a bit of sand. After a night of drinking, they would find a river with enough sand to cover them up to their necks. For some reason, they thought being half-buried would get rid of their pains.

Eating A Dried Bull Penis

This hangover cure is a little outdated, but it used to be a popular theory in Sicily. They believed drying out a bull’s penis would restore their energy and virility. Since it’s pretty difficult to get your hands on a bull penis in the modern world, this hangover cure has been placed on the back burner. There are thousands of bulls who are forever grateful.

Eating Sheep Eyes

Most people shutter when they think of eating any creature’s eyeballs. However, Mongolians used to eat pickled sheep eyeballs after throwing them into tomato juice. It sounds disgusting, but they did whatever they could to defeat their hangovers.

Eating Deep Fried Canaries

If you have a bird as a pet, you’ll probably be disgusted by this remedy. In Ancient Rome, they would actually eat canaries. Of course, they would always deep fry them first.


What hangover cures have you used that actually seemed to work?




Holly Riordan
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