34. Leatherock Hotel & Museum, Kansas

Location: Cherryvale

Even when the rooms are empty, this hotel is alive with activity. Ghostly pets (in the form a dog and cat) have been known to wander the halls. Maybe the shadowy figure is their caretaker; he’s been seen lurking in the darkness. The ghouls here don’t remain silent, either. The voices of children are known to wake guests from their sleep and an elderly man is sometimes heard even when nobody is there to claim the voice. All of these apparitions are seen in the museum. If you venture into the hotel, you may be greeted by a woman in white. The doors slamming are normal, if you believe in ghosts.

Is something lurking behind you in the dark?

35. Empty Glass Cafe, West Virginia

Location: Charleston

You can’t keep a good man down, even in death. A former bartender died in a car accident, but decided to stay behind the bar for eternity. Workers have seen him in the late evenings and he seems a bit particular about the music being played on the jukebox. He’s known to change the song mid-note. Others speak about a strange entity on the second floor who is a bit mischievous, slamming doors and moving objects. Maybe it’s just the booze; either way, you’re nearly guaranteed to have a memorable evening in this location.

36. Silver Jack Inn, Nevada

Location: Baker

A tiny building with a big reputation. The dusty streets this quaint inn sits on make for an even creepier experience. Guests speak of an American Indian woman who walks the halls as if she is looking for a lost friend. Another apparition appears as a tall man lurking about in rooms and behind trees on the property. Don’t bother approaching him: he vanishes as soon as anyone gets near. Thankfully, there is an espresso bar attached to this inn. You may want to stay awake instead of inviting the darkness of sleep into your room.

37. Fort Sidney Museum & Commander’s Home, Nebraska

Location: Sidney

The stairs that took the life of a young officer’s wife weren’t discovered until 1975. After the girl fell to her death in 1885, her anguished husband had the stairs boarded up to alleviate some of his pain. The sound of footsteps hidden behind walls increased the curiosity of those living within the house in the 1930s and the discovery was made. Today, you can see the stairs, but the only feet that are allowed to tread upon them are those of the lost wife who still appears to be carrying the bundle of laundry she originally needed to tend to. Don’t expect her to do your laundry though; she’s quite busy.

38. Hamill House Museum, Colorado

Location: Georgetown

Considered the most beautiful home in Georgetown when it was built in 1867. As the silver industry depleted so did the town, but the home remained beautiful and basically untouched. Today, you can still look at the gorgeous woodwork and fixtures, and perhaps the woman wearing the Victorian dress will be your guide. That is, if you can catch her. She flits from doorway to doorway on a quick path to her next task. Others have reported success in speaking with the spirits of this home through the use of flashlights and other ghost-hunting paraphernalia.

39. Lion House, North Dakota

Location: Dickinson

A history of terror lay behind the doors of this home. A man murdered his wife and young children before barricading himself in the master bedroom and hanging himself from the rafters. He lingers in the home and his spirit can be seen hanging still. Others report furniture moving, blocking doorways once again. The home is currently owned by a private owner, but maybe if you ask nicely they will let you spend an evening  in the Lion House.

40. Pettigrew House Museum, South Dakota

Location: Sioux Falls

The ghosts of this museum date back to when the house was built in 1889. Maybe you’ll see the apparition of a beautiful woman, the wife of an attorney who once owned the home. Her perfume has been known to drift throughout the hallways and her spirit is said to wander the groundsas if upon a continuous inspection. Don’t forget to watch for the young girl who also prowls about the property. Some have seen her sitting on the landing, her face covered in blood. Don’t worry, she’s never stained anyone’s clothes. At least not yet.

41. Chambers-Fisher Building, Montana

Location: Bozeman

Downtown Bozeman is known for its paranormal activity. Rumors of underground tunnels are said to be the paths the spirits traverse as they move from one haunting to the next. The Chambers-Fisher building is not left untouched. A misty apparition forms closely to the ceiling of the basement and then simply flows through to the first floor. Another being haunts the basement, an old man. A worker came upon him near the storage area; and when he was approached, he vanished much like the misty being.

42. Hotel Almira, Washington

Location: Almira

The building, which burned to the ground in 1888, was rebuilt in 1917. The purpose was to provide a place for workers of a nearby dam project. One or two of them seem to have stayed within the halls even after they have left the living. Guests report a man in workman’s clothes wandering the basement. The main staircase holds captive a spectral man whose only after-life job seems to be climbing up and down the stairs. There is no record of what happened in room #021, but there is some attraction for the spirit world. In the night you can hear footsteps, disembodied voices, and knocks on the walls. Once again, you probably won’t get much rest within this hotel.

43. Howells Opera House, Idaho

Location: Oakley

H.P. Howell built this lovely, quaint brick opera house in the hopes of bringing culture to the community. He must have loved the mortar dearly because he seems to have never left. His apparition is sometimes seen sitting in the seats, enjoying a show in his old-fashioned suite and top hat. Another actress of previous productions seems to be held captive here, too. The lovely woman sometimes makes a special appearance on stage, both during rehearsal and active production. Maybe she never quite got the part she had hopes for in life and now haunts the stage in pursuit of the her final part. Watch a play in this house and you may wonder who is real and who is only a vision.

44. Madeline’s Scents, Wyoming

Location: Cheyenne

Don’t let the modern store deceive you. There is always history within a building. A gambling parlor and bar was once housed within this building. Some gambling fiends have decided to stick around and play a second hand, for eternity; and they are a bit mischievous. Objects sometimes disappear, only to reappear in another location. They also enjoy pushing people around. One female worker was shoved by unseen hands. The smell of fire and smoke sometimes drfits through the air, but no need to call the fire department. You won’t find a fire even though this is a candle shop now.


We are almost done with our fifty-state scariest haunted places tour. Only a few left and you will have a well-rounded trip for your haunted adventures. Watch for the final segment of this hauntingly-delightful series.


Have you ever experienced any terrifying occurrences in these locations? We would love to hear your stories.




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