Even critics of mixed martial arts seem to agree: Ronda Rousey is a force to be reckoned with. In her 12 career fights so far, she has yet to lose—and in three of those fights she even managed to win by knockout. Of course, her fighting career isn’t the only thing drawing attention right now, as many people cite her charisma and amazing ability to relate to people as two of her greatest qualities. Still, you didn’t come here to hear about how nice or funny she is. Instead, here are Ronda Rousey’s four greatest victories.

4. Armbar vs. Julia Budd

Julia Budd is taller and heavier than Rousey, but in this fight Rousey was able to secure a 39-second win with an armbar. In addition to the quick victory time, Rousey displayed complete control the entire match, maintaining the upper hand even against a larger opponent. Also consider that this was Budd’s second and only other loss since her early fight against Amanda Nunes and you have a truly impressive victory.

3. Sub-minute Armbar vs. Sarah Kaufman

Though Sarah Kaufman might have three losses on her card, including the fight against Rousey, she also has an impressive 17 victories overall. Her veteran status should definitely have given her an edge over the younger Rousey in this fight, but Ronda went in with her signature ferocity and completely dominated Kaufman. There was absolutely no opportunity for Kaufman to get a move in edgewise, enabling everyone’s favorite lady martial artist to secure another win in under 60 seconds.

2. 34-Second Knockout of Bethe Correia

Correia came out swinging hard in this fight and at first it looked like she might give her opponent a run for her money. Despite her initial enthusiasm, the tables turned in just a few seconds and Ronda Rousey took command. With only 34 seconds on the clock, the undefeated Rousey was able to take the victory. Not only is her half-minute dispatch of Correia impressive, the fact that she won by knockout against an opponent who now has a 9-1 record—the only loss against Rousey—really puts things into perspective.

1. Incredible 14-Second Armbar vs. Cat Zingano

Another fighter who has lost only to Ronda Rousey, Cat Zingano is a formidable athlete. She has nine wins under her belt and, more amazingly than that, five of them were by KO, the one area in which she surpasses Rousey. On the surface, that should have made this one an interesting battle, but in apparently predictable fashion, Rousey was able to pull this out in just 14 seconds, arguably her most remarkable triumph to date.

How do her fights stack up?

Keep in mind, this is one person’s opinion on the matter, but if you consider the time, the method of victory, and the opponent, these are definitely contenders for the best in Rousey’s repertoire. Not many fighters can go 12 matches without a single loss and Ronda Rousey has definitely shown herself to be a prodigy among MMAs. Still, others may consider different factors when judging the quality of a fight, so this list may change for some.


Do you agree with the ranking here? If not, which of her victories do you prefer?

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Joseph Macolino
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