For some inexplicable reason, human beings seem dedicated to scaring themselves on a regular basis. Whether it is seeking the thrills from a carnival ride, driving dangerously in a car, skydiving, or just watching a horror flick, people love getting that adrenaline going. While binging Netflix might be a great way to check out some exciting horror stories, the beauty of all these thrills is that none of them actually put you in danger. In this way, you derive some sort of pleasure from the fear. Of course, some people fall victim to real life horror stories, and these are the kind you don’t see on television and the kind you never want to experience firsthand.

The Coma That Never Was

In one of the most unusual events, one victim of a car accident, Rom Houben, spent 23 years in a hospital where doctors believed he was in a coma. Despite his inability to move, talk, or express his thoughts, later technology revealed that his brain was working just fine. Now able to communicate through a computer system, he has revealed that he was conscious the entire time. If it weren’t bad enough to be in this near-vegetative state, it is hard to even imagine how much worse it would be if those around you didn’t know you were able to hear them. One can only speculate on the things he might have thought or heard while he was stuck there.

Buried Alive By Your Loved Ones

If you were wearing an engagement ring from someone who had fathered your child, you would think you’d be safe from harm. Michelina Lewandowska, a woman who was buried alive, experienced something a bit different. Apparently, the father of her child felt she was getting boring and he felt it reasonable to taze her, put her in a cardboard box, and bury her underground. Fortunately, he left her engagement ring on her and buried her less than a foot deep. As a result, she was able to work her way out, but not without a hefty struggle and a crippling fear that she would die within that box.

Serial Killers Make Frightening Horror Stories

In another real-life event, you might have heard about the serial killer Angel Resendiz, who was known as the “Railway Killer” because he traveled from place to place by rail to claim his victims. Well, one of his would-be victims survived. Rather than explain her story, it would probably be best to consider what she had to say, which you can find in her own words. This chilling tale is powerful enough to make you really think about those tough situations in your life and put them in perspective. If someone can survive a situation like this, maybe you can make it through whatever struggles you are facing right now.

Real Tales Of Clown Murders

While some of these might be stretching it, Movie Pilot actually outlines some frightening stories of real life psycho clowns. Some of these events can be traced back to real events, so the next time someone tell you your fear of clowns is irrational, remember that people have, in fact, been murdered by clowns.


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Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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