Real Life Ark… I Wonder If It Pulls Skiers?

A new attraction of an old story has opened.  In Kentucky, which has no access to the ocean or any other large body of water, we now have a life-sized ark with no where to go.  Turns out, it doesn’t matter.  This ark is not functional… only looks that way.  Kind of like a Facebook friend.

Original Construction With A Modern Twist

Every attempt was made to make it as much like the original as possible. The original ark was said to be 300 cubits long which makes this current version 510 long and 85 feet wide. It stands six stories high. Logs were sourced from forests as far away as Oregon and British Columbia. Even Amish builders were recruited. The original plans called for wooden pegs to attach the planks but the state’s building codes nixed that idea and forced the use of steel connectors.

Noah And The Dinosaurs

Word has it that this attraction across the highway from Williamstown , Kentucky, also has none of the animals reported on the original ark… at least not real ones. This ark is designed to have three floors of exhibits for tourists to explore. They do have fake animals inside, including dinosaurs. According to Answers in Genesis, who funded the $100 million dollar project, since the Earth is only six thousand years old, the dinosaurs and man lived together. They even have a unicorn. No word on Bigfoot, yet.

More Than Three Is A Crowd

The attraction is expected to attract two million visitors per year. Some say that is wishful thinking but I’m wondering if they are thinking big enough? After all, the Dodgers attracted more than two million paying customers last year. Think of what would happen if either of them made the World Series?

Other Religions Need Not Apply

From the start, the Answers in Genesis group have required that those seeking work must agree with their beliefs and moral code. The state of Kentucky immediately withdrew its tax support on the basis of religious discrimination. Not to be outdone, the AiG group sued in federal court… and won! The judge ruled that the group had the right to restrict its hiring. Since their beliefs include a literal interpretation of the Book of Genesis, sounds like some of the Christian religions might not make the cut.

Tower Of Babel

Future plans for the theme park includes a copy of the Tower of Babel. I am waiting to hear what it will look like. Will it be more like this depiction called “the Little Tower of Babel” by Pieter Bruegel the Elder in 1563 or will it look more like the EU Parliament Building? Seriously, the construction of the new EU building is inspired by the Tower of Babel and they are claiming the idea behind the original was a good idea.


What Are You Waiting For? What language do you think they will speak in the Tower of Babel?