If you are like most people, then you probably have utilized online dating, had a friend who has, or thought about it. The Internet has changed virtually every part of our existence, and online dating is no exception. However, is online dating safe?

According to dating experts, online dating is just as safe as conventional dating. However, the number of potential creeps that you can meet is greatly increased since you have access to thousands of people looking at your profile.

However, one of the best benefits of online dating is the ability to refine your search for a potential partner. You can create matches based on attractiveness, income, likes or dislikes, religion, sexual prowess, etc. Popular dating sites like Ok Cupid have a wide selection of filters that allow you to be as picky as possible when finding a potential mate. Experts suggest picking three to five non-appearance related criteria that are important to you and focusing on those benchmarks to narrow your search and create the highest probability for a match.

Once you have agreed to hook up, do so with caution. Meet in a public place, use the buddy system, and make sure that you arrive there on your own that way you will not will not be trapped if something goes wrong. Always trust your instincts in any dating situation; if you feel something is not right, then get out.

Finding love can be tricky, but online dating gives you a much greater chance in achieving that goal than ordinary dating. It’s all a numbers game and studies suggest that a single man or woman needs to date at least 15-25 partners to have success in finding that long-term match. Most singles give up around date five, never knowing that date six could be with the one.



Have you tried online dating? Was it successful?