An Oldie Comes Back – “Legends of the Hidden Temple” as a TV Movie

If you grew up in the 90’s and you don’t remember this guy, then I would like to apologize on behalf of everyone at Article Cats. This guy was called Olmec (OK, he was actually voiced by Dee Bradley Baker), and for many he was the most awesome part of childhood. What show was he from though? That’s right, the only game show that you ever really cared about growing up: “Legends of the Hidden Temple.” So, with everyone rehashing all of your favorite shows, how could it possibly get better? Nickelodeon has plans to drop you back into your childhood with a TV movie in 2016.

Wait…What is “Legends of the Hidden Temple?”

In case you had a horrible childhood growing up in the 90’s, or you were a horrible parent who didn’t let your kids watch good television, you might be wondering what this show is all about. After all, Olmec can be pretty intimidating if you don’t realize he’s actually there to help. More specifically, he is there to help guide the contestants through a variety of physical and mental challenges. Players would be assigned to a team and work their way through the final round, which is where the temple came into play.

The concept for the temple was based heavily on the Indiana Jones movies and allowed children to get a real feel for adventure. Whether they were a Green Monkey, Silver Snake, Red Jaguar or any of the other common teams, one member would be able to try to make it through the temple within 3 minutes. Really, it was very involved for a children’s competition, but the hosts did a phenomenal job keeping it all organized. It was fun for everyone.

So, seriously… get your act together and make sure you do better this decade. “Legends of the Hidden Temple” is…legendary. So, at least make sure to tune in for the TV movie.

How Will A TV Movie Work?

While it might be hard to imagine turning a gameshow into a movie, Nickelodeon announced this March they would be doing just that. They mentioned that The Steps of Knowledge, an early contest in the show, would be included in some way, as well as teams like those mentioned above. Regardless of the specifics, you can be sure it will hold no shortage of nostalgia.

Why Not More of the Gameshow?

Realistically, there is a reason the old Nick studio went under and most likely having a second go at the children’s competitive arena is simply not in the cards. Not to mention, today’s society would probably complain that not everyone got a trophy for trying, so there really wouldn’t be much incentive for success. Regardless, stop being a Debbie Downer and look at the bright side: you get to see more “Legends of the Hidden Temple.”

Now they just have to announce a TV movie of “Nickelodeon Guts” and things will get really interesting.


What do you think about the news of a TV movie version of Legends of the Hidden Temple? Do you intend to watch it? Are you expecting it to bring back fond memories of your favorite old gameshow? Do you also wish that you got to participate in it as a child? Let us know how much you love it below!




Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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