NASA Warns of a Terrifying Rise in Sea Levels

Recently, NASA put out a press release regarding the rising sea levels around the world. They revealed some alarming facts about how quickly the tide levels are changing. Though preliminary estimates have been for years that the sea level would rise by a foot or so, experts on the project now believe it will be 3 feet or greater by the end of the century. So, forget about those doubts you have about global warming, because you are about to be hit by an inconvenient truth bomb!

Oceans Rising Around the Globe

In case you hadn’t heard, NASA has moved closer to home and now has the Sea Level Change Team, which—true to its name—works to monitor sea level changes on Earth. With their measurements, they have been able to tell that since 1992, the sea level has risen an average of three inches around the world. Though a few areas have remained relatively stable, many have even hit numbers as high as nine inches. Unlike many experts, this team relies on satellite data to collect their readings, giving them a better picture of what happens over time. Using the information they have gathered thus far, many on the team believe that this three inch average could actually look more like two or three feet by the end of the century.

What is Causing This?

Whether you choose to accept global warming or not, the primary cause of these rising sea levels is melting glaciers around the globe. Higher temperatures are causing huge pieces of these glaciers to break off and melt into the ocean, which, unsurprisingly, contributes heavily to the rise of sea levels. For some perspective, the Antarctic ice sheet has averaged 118 gigatons of ice lost each year over the past decade. Even more frightening, the much smaller Greenland has lost an average of 303 gigatons. There is no explaining this away. The ice is melting and water levels are rising as a result.

Of course, some look at the falling sea levels on the west coast of the United States and wonder if there is really anything to worry about at all. Oceanographer Josh Williams addresses this, explaining that it is part of a natural cycle which has skewed the effects of global warming in the area. Despite this explanation, it still leaves some questions about how much of the current climate changes are caused by humans and how much is just part of a natural cycle as Williams suggests.

Are We Just Along for the Ride?

Is that part about nature true? Could the ice levels falling just be a natural part of the earth’s development? Most importantly, is there any way we can change the course of current events? Even if we just play a small part in shaping the environment, it is still important that people take this situation seriously. Making changes on such a large scale may sound impossible for the individual, but if everyone does their part, it can really go a long way toward saving the only planet we have.


What do you think about these rising sea levels? Do you believe it could cause a problem for future generations or do you think it will go about its natural course. 





Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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