Another No Shit Article… Homes Have More Computers Than Ever Before

One might not believe the statistics if one were to match up a map of all households that are below the poverty line with a map of those that have a computer and high speed internet, but the statistics are in: households use high speed internet and have more computers than ever before!

Another No Shit Article…Homes Have More Computers Than Ever Before

The above graphic, however long, has a ton of useful information including high-speed internet usage based on age (which is surprisingly even across the board outside of the very old), usage based on race/ethnicity (which is equally surprising if you base your thinking on stereotypes), as well as usage as defined by states.

Does anybody else see the correlation between the states that use the least amount of high-speed internet and the states that are historically conservative, fall well below the poverty line, have rampant racism, and have the highest density of both churches and strip clubs? #There’sYourSign

Taking that one step further, the data also shows the diversity of high-speed usage within each metro area of each state.

“High-speed internet use can vary greatly inside a single state’s boundaries,” says the Census Bureau. “In some states with high rates of high-speed use, such as Washington and California, metro areas with high and low rates of high-speed use are located in close proximity. Throughout the south there are pockets of metros with high connectivity, even within states characterized by low rates of high-speed use.”

Once again, even accounting for the random “pocket” of high-speed usage, statistically the less-informed the state, the higher density of low internet usage. I mean, I understand you can’t trust everything you see online, but the internet is an enormous source of information and enlightenment at your very fingertips. It doesn’t get any easier to learn and grow as an individual than by pushing a few buttons, and not the metaphorical type (or maybe even those too).

The Census Bureau study, that shows more American households own computers and use high-speed Internet than ever before, presents data from the Current Population Survey and American Community Survey.

“Computers and internet have never been more important to American life.” says the Census Bureau, “We shop, complete schoolwork, find relationships, locate jobs, and watch movies online. The latest Census data shows more American households own computers and use high-speed internet than ever before.”


What are your thoughts? Would you consider yourself in the group that uses high-speed internet regularly? I guess by using the Article Cats website, my question is already answered. How about those in the south? Are you infrequently browsing the interwebs? Let us know how you feel about the statistics: comment below and share on social media!

Additional Image: Photopin