Michael Is Coming Back…New “Halloween” Is Coming

One of the most famous movies in the horror genre is getting a sequel…we think. That’s right, a new “Halloween” movie is coming out! Sometimes it’s scary (hah, get it?) to consider watching a new movie from your favorite franchise produced by a different group of people. Don’t be afraid with this one, though, because the original director of the 1978 movie, John Carpenter, is back as executive producer for this new “Halloween” movie.

“Halloween Returns”

The new “Halloween” movie doesn’t have a name or a release date, yet, but it was once known as the “Halloween Returns” project. Although it is comforting to know that one of the main players from the original is back, no one is certain as to whether this movie will be an actual sequel to the original or another reboot. Carpenter released a statement saying that he’s trying to make the 10th sequel the scariest of them all, which is a strong hint that we can look forward to another sequel.

Rob Zombie’s “Halloween”

If you’re not an avid fan of the “Halloween” franchise, you may not know which ones are considered sequels and which aren’t. In summary, any of the films not directed by Rob Zombie are known as the sequels. Despite one of the original/sequel “Halloween” movies (“Halloween III: Season of the Witch”) not including Michael Myers, fans still consider it one of the classics. The last of the original “Halloween” movies was 2002’s “Halloween: Resurrection.” The Rob Zombie “Halloween” movies began in 2007. Zombie directed two of the “Halloween” movies, one in 2007 and the other in 2009.

What Does Carpenter Mean?

Not surprisingly, fans looking forward to the new “Halloween” movie have been analyzing John Carpenter’s comment about how scary he plans to make the next movie, as there hasn’t been a lot of details released from the production team. Carpenter states that this will be the 10th sequel.

If you count every movie related to “Halloween,” the new movie will be the 11th. If the new “Halloween” movie follows behind the original movie, it will be considered the 8th movie. Needless to say, fans are confused, and it appears that the creative team doesn’t know what’s going on, either. As long as it’s another entertaining, scary movie with the main man himself, Michael Myers, does it really matter what number it is?

The Bottom Line

Miramax, who has been distributing “Halloween” movies since the beginning, is surely happy to release another one because of the success of the other films. Altogether, the films have brought in over $400 million dollars by moviegoers. The team is targeting next “Halloween” for a release date, but important aspects like a writer and director have not been announced, yet. Now, that’s scary if we want to look forward to seeing Michael Myers next year.


Do you plan on seeing the new “Halloween” movie when it comes out?




Kirstin Wright
Kirstin Wright
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