Easter hops nearer and nearer and it’s time to prepare. You’ve got your craft supplies ready but just can’t seem to find a meaningful enough Easter basket idea for your kids and husband. What do you do?

Rick Warren, author of the best-selling book The Purpose Driven Life, advises those seeking to find their purpose in life to start with God, the creator. He reasons that only the inventor can tell you what the invention is for. Although your problem is not the life-changing one Rick wants to address, you can still get a nugget of gold from his advice: start from the source.

What is the origin of the Easter basket? There is a debate about the true origin of the Easter basket tradition. According to some sources, the tradition of Easter and its accompanying customs can be traced back to ancient Germany. There are several variations of stories about the goddess Eostre and the rabbit we now call the Easter bunny. But other sources say there is no conclusive evidence that supports the existence of the goddess.

While scholars continue to dig up the roots of Easter, those who practice the tradition agree that the Easter basket is a representation of renewal, rebirth and new life. So if you’re looking for a meaningful Easter basket for both kids and adults, give them something that would give them a new start at something they’ve been intending to do or achieve.

Lily Easter Basket Gifts For Your Children

Lilies symbolize joy, a fitting symbol for Easter when Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Here are some lily Easter gift basket ideas for your kids:

You can make edible lilies…

…or have fun making lilies together on Easter morning!

An Easter Basket of Cedars For Your Husband

In the Bible, the cedars of Lebanon embody strength. The same characteristic usually applies to men, especially to husbands to whom wives and children look to for support and strength. For your husband and source of strength, here are some Easter basket gift ideas:


Do you have other ideas to add that would make for a meaningful Easter basket filler or gift? Let us know in the comments below.




Juvy Garcia
Juvy Garcia
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