Would a Marijuana Themed Wedding Work for You?

With more than 24 states offering some level of legal marijuana usage and four plus the District of Columbia with recreational use, marijuana themed weddings, also know as Cannaweddings, are on the rise.

If you like to partake in a little wacky tobaccy, but don’t think a weed wedding is up your alley, you may want to reconsider. These ceremonies can be done with class and a chic, cool feel, and they do not need to resemble Woodstock or a Snoop Dogg concert.

So whether you’re a regular consumer of Mary Jane, or just looking for a new, trendy way in which to celebrate your nuptials, consider a pot themed wedding and/or reception. Here’s four different ways to incorporate some Kind Bud into your celebration.

Floral Arrangements

By mixing marijuana leaves and buds with your floral arrangements and bouquets, you not only make your flowers unique, but you share your love of the green stuff with those around you. You can use marijuana in your bouquet and decorations, but you can also use it as centerpieces and favors. Consider a joint and pack of matches with the bride and groom’s names on it, or a small pot plant in a personalized terra-cotta planter.

Goodie Bags


Photo by Torben Hansen via Flickr

Since regulations have changed allowing recreational marijuana use in Colorado and Washington the states have experienced an influx of destination weddings. A common aspect of destination weddings is leaving guests a goodie bag in their hotel room. Well, it’s no different for marijuana themed weddings, but instead of the sunscreen and flip flop you might find at a beach themed wedding, hash brownies , a joint, and a pack of rolling papers can be left on the bed.


Weddings focus on enjoying time with friends and family in celebration of a couple’s commitment to a lifetime together, but they are also all about having fun. Providing entertaining activities the guests can participate in is important to most couples. In traditional weddings, these include photo booths and sweet bars. With cannabis weddings, consider a buffet of different marijuana strains or having a hookah or vaporizer bar. Not only do these activities offer your guests a way of relaxing, but they also encourage interacting and could increase the feeling of community during the event.


pot leaf cookie

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Adding marijuana edibles to your celebration is an easy way to add some green into your wedding day. But do so with caution. Although your smoking friends know to eat in moderation, your Aunt Janet may not. Edibles are strong and the buzz is different than smoking marijuana. Not only does it feel different, but it takes longer to set in and can last upwards of six hours depending on the dose. If you want to go with edibles on your special day, either put up a disclaimer explaining eating pot is different than smoking it, or have a “weed tender” who hands moderate amounts to each person.

But What Will People Say?

If your family and friends are liberal and progressive, throwing a marijuana themed wedding seems like a no-brainer, but if either family is more conservative, you may worry about what they will think. Instead of getting defensive, explain a some of the benefits of a weed themed celebration. Not only does marijuana discourage family disputes and tensions that may exist, but there is little difference between giving your guests the opportunity to have a toke and having an open bar.


Would you consider a marijuana wedding? Have you attended a marijuana wedding? Are you thinking of having one? Share in the comments – because we want to know!

Additional Image: Alison Vagnini / The New York Times



Molly Carter
Molly Carter
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