Kahler Nygard Interview – Recorded TSA Harassment

This is a great watch. In America, we’re losing rights in all areas of our freedom. This is just another example of how our country is changing for the worse.

In this exclusive interview, young Minnesotan Kahler Nygard discusses his recent experiences with the TSA. Flying from Minnesota to Denver, Nygard’s plane was apparently ordered to return to its originating airport when it was discovered that Nygard was on some security list. Kahler disembarked from the plane as other passengers waited on, while his luggage was searched and his person patted down. Thanks to cell-phone video-recording, Nygard captured some interesting footage of the interaction, and has a lot to say about how our rights are being eroded by the post-9/11 military industrial complex.

Check out the full video below:



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