Incredible 4K Timelapses of Earth from Space

While floating around the earth repeatedly for quite awhile, astronauts usually have the advantage of seeing a view daily that eclipses anything we see while on earth. Thanks to technology spiraling upward in quality, 4K-cameras have fallen in the hands of these cosmonauts, giving them the ability to record those breathtaking views they witness 24-hours a day. The video itself is in 4K resolution, so if your computer or TV can handle it, you’re about to witness incredible quality.

The following images were captured by an astronaut with the European Space Agency (ESA) named Alexander Gerst. He manages to capture the northern lights, city lights streaking below, and even the release of a satellite over the spinning earth. It’s a collection of incredible vistas that should be experienced by everyone, and hopefully as cameras continue rising in quality, these images that come back will be even better.



Ryan Tindrick
Ryan Tindrick
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