For the past few decades at least, safe sex has been a hot button issue in the United States. While some parties try to hold on to old notions that sex is taboo, others are encouraging education earlier than ever. While these parties go back and forth, the French are taking some action of their own. Long hailed as sexually progressive, this country has birthed the company CondomFly, which promises to take safe sex to the skies. Though they are not literally having sex up in the sky, they have launched “Condomfiere,” a unique dirigible that also happens to be the world’s largest condom. So, how could this impact sex education in countries like the United States?

The Age-Old Debate On Sex

In the United States today, the debate over sex education seems to be never-ending. There is a clear strategy in place for most public schools around the country, but that strategy can vary from state to state. Sometimes, they teach about birth control, condoms, and STDs at a young age. Others wait until middle school, or maybe even later. Sometimes, the only sex education they teach is in the form of a preacher or religious leader telling students that sex is a sin and the only way to approach it is through abstinence.

Does Abstinence Even Work?

Whether you are on the side of abstinence or not, both sides seem to ignore the most glaring issues. For one, those who oppose abstinence education are ignoring the simple reality that it does work. If you don’t have sex, you aren’t going to get pregnant and you aren’t going to get an STD. Unfortunately, this reason doesn’t make the abstinence only model work. In practice, this type of education rarely prevents people from having sex and when they do it leads to much greater rates of unwanted pregnancy and higher STD transmission. In other words, the kids are just told not to have sex, they have sex anyways, but they have no idea what they are doing. This is why more groups today, even those previously opposed to sex education, are beginning to accept the need for more than just teaching abstinence. Of course, CondomFly believes that its new condom dirigible is the perfect way to encourage safe sex.

Encouraging Safe Sex The Fun Way

When it comes to large-scale displays about safe sex, there are few that can really compare to this latest project. Using a 120-foot inflatable condom, the group known as CondomFly has built a real, working dirigible. Yes, that does mean what you think it means; it’s a giant, flying condom. In an effort to raise awareness around World AIDS Day, the French intend to fly this hot air balloon around on a 100-city tour on Dec. 1. During this time, the plan is that their new balloon will be known as “The Goodyear Blimp of Safe Sex.”


Do you think this giant condom will really help encourage safe sex around the world, or is it just a very expensive and flashy way to float around in the sky? What other ways can educators start teaching future generations how to practice safe sex? Let us know your thoughts below!




Joseph Macolino
Joseph Macolino
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