7 Historic Properties for Sale

Many people enjoy brand new things, and who can fault them for it? In our ever-evolving world, it seems like there’s a new version of phone, computer, tablet or watch every other hour. Even in real estate, “out with the old, in with the new” seems to be the standard. But there are those of us who like the old, who cherish the sentiments, the feelings and the history of old things. There’s a reason why historic things draw a large number of followers, and it’s due to their story, their character, their charm, and the overall wonder that comes with age. Historic homes have an almost cult following in the United States, and here are seven excellent historic properties for sale right now.

Second Empire Victorian “Painted Lady”

Built in 1875, this Sparta, Illinois historic home captures the characteristic charm of the Victorian period’s “Painted Ladies,” named for their generally bright and colorful paint jobs. This Victorian possesses an unsurpassed charm with its white exterior and dark green shutters. The home has a grand entrance with a beautiful curved staircase, and period fixtures can be found throughout the house. At $385,000, this Victorian Lady is a steal for anyone looking into historic properties.

Historic Dunham Castle

Who has never dreamed of living in a castle? Maybe not as old as the castles in Europe, this Wayne, Illinois castle was built in 1885. If you’re looking for privacy, the 15-acre property provides ample protection from roaming eyes, and the house is even supposedly haunted. The inside needs some major work, so if you’re in the market for a castle, lots of land, a true project home, and a potential haunting, it can all be yours for $1.8 million dollars.

Madison Saltbox

Located in Connecticut—not Wisconsin—this charming ‘saltbox’ home was built in 1675! The home claims the title of being the oldest in Madison, and it’s said that George Washington even dined here (it’s documented)! The house has been modernized, and for those of you who love wood paneling, this is the home for you. At $750,000, it’s an expensive piece of history but well worth the price tag.

Astoria, OR “Painted Lady”

Circa Old Houses

Circa Old Houses

Astoria, Oregon is known for its history and for the many historic properties throughout the city. While Oregon may not have homes that are over 200 years old like on the East Coast, there are a number of homes over a century, and many of them are Victorian “Painted Ladies.” Built in 1890, this house is huge (over 3,000 square feet), has views of the Columbia River, and it sits on a half-acre lot. At $849,000, it’s definitely for someone looking to spend some big money, but the charm and character of this home is incomparable to anything you’d find today.

Antique Home and Schoolhouse

Located in North Salem, New York and built in 1770, this historic schoolhouse is not only charming, you also get a three-bedroom home along with it. Both the house and the school border a lake, and the property sits along Mountain Lakes Park, which boasts over 1,000 acres of forest. At $950,000, the home is an excellent option for those looking for peace, quiet and history.

Portland, OR Craftsman

Built in 1908, the craftsman style has become increasingly popular all over Portland and her suburbs. Located on Alder Street, the house is three blocks from Laurelhurst Park. The home is a fixer-upper, and at $475,000 you’ll need an extra large budget to give this house the makeover it needs and certainly deserves.

Silas Robbins House

Built in 1870 and priced at $2,700,000, the Silas Robbins House is definitely a stunner—and try finding a modern home that has such charm, character and elegance to rival it. The home is used as a bed and breakfast, and it features a ballroom, three staircases, a modern kitchen, an acre of land and its own 3-car carriage house. You know—for all those horse-drawn carriages you have.

Would you ever consider buying one of these properties? Do you prefer modern or historic homes?




Brittany Valli
Brittany Valli
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